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Creating a French Country Home

for Fall

September 21, 2018

· Decorating,Fall

Sunday 10/14/2018

This gorgeous acorn kissing ball was made by one that I saw on a blog and knew that I could simply make it because I've made hundreds of kissing balls, as well as topiary's that are made from kissing balls.

What I didn't know was that I should have painted the styrofoam ball first with brown or black spray paint. Because I didn't know this, I had to carefully paint in between the acorns and then apply some more glitter. So this is the first step in making these.

Then you need to glitter all of your acorn tops. If you've collected a bunch of acorns with the tops still on them, then simply place on a cookie sheet in the oven on low for about an hour. Then allow to cool so you can handle them, then simply remove the nut from the top of the acorn. Now you can glitter all of the tops with simple white glue and glitter. Allow these to dry really well. Now you can either clear them now, or you can wait till your done making the kissing ball.

Now your able to attach all of them to your styrofoam ball. You simply do this with a dab of hot glue on the acorn that you then place on the styrofoam ball. If you haven't done so yet, clear your kissing ball really well with some matte clear. I always have Rustoleum Clear spray paint on hand.

To make the white top acorns, you do the same thing as above. Placing them in the oven first and allowing them to cool. Then simply with some white acrylic paint, you just paint the hats. Now you should have a bunch of nuts from these two projects, so all you need to do is match up the right size nut for each hat, then simply hot glue the nut into the hat.

These gorgeous pinecones I just simply painted in white acrylic paint.

Then all of the acorns to the right were simply painted in matte gold.

The candle holder, although very difficult to see here, is quite clear in person. All I did was attached a felt leaf to this mason jar with some white glue, then I spray painted the mason jar in matte gold. After it dried, I soaked the mason jar in some soapy water that loosed the glue on the leaf, then simply removed the leaf. You might have to use a scrubby to remove a little excess glue, but it should come off very easily with the soapy water.

Do you live somewhere without a fireplace, but have always yearned to have one? I absolutely love fireplaces. They remind me of when I was a child and I just love the looks of them.

Here's a super simple way of making a faux fireplace

I just simply cannot wait to make this and of course, I'll be showing you it once completed.

My Love of Acorns and Pinecones

Friday 10/12/2018

A French Country Fall with Color

Absolute Must Have's for a 2018 Fall

Thursday 10/11/2018 Our French Country Home for Fall

French Country Decor made simple here on our Antique Bookshelves with fresh findings like in the Canadian Geese feather that I found and the now dried hydrangeas that I also found.

Super simple twine pumpkins that you can make in an hour and enjoy them forever.

Gorgeous handmade paper mache pumpkins and Dollar Tree pumpkins just simply painted with a few orange pumpkins from the Dollar Tree thrown in.

Just a bunch of hydrangeas from the Dollar Tree to dress up this antique urn for fall.

Ballard Designs hacks that I made as product for my store. I just love these and how they came out.

September 21, 2018

To create your own gorgeous wreath - on a budget - check out this blog.

Creating a French Country Home

for Fall

Before one even enters your home...

Create an inviting entryway.

With lot's of containers filled with Mum's and other florals, pumpkins galore and lanterns - oh how we're loving lanterns this year.

Use bushel baskets as containers, or stack a few antique crates for something unexpected and most importantly, take one of your lawn chairs and put it up on your front porch with a throw blanket for instant warmth and a welcoming feel. Plus you could snuggle up here at night looking at the stars - how dreamy.

A few things to get you started - all found at Ikea.

This tutorial is if you decide to rust your lanterns.

Everyone know how to paint pumpkins with a good old can of spray paint.

I love the crisp air in the fall. That time of year when all you want is your home to smell like hot apple cider and candles lit throughout. It's almost like the start to a new beginning - you plant bulbs, rearrange your garden and thin it out for the spring.

Fill your home with the scents of fall.

Start getting cozy

Rearrange your living room furniture a bit creating cozy areas to nestle into. Make sure you have plenty of throws and pillows. Create sitting nooks with the chairs and side tables that you have.

Just think color outside the norm for fall

Here's some gorgeous photos from some of my favorite bloggers to help get you started.

Notice all of the gorgeous florals throughout. Whether silk or dried one's, use them to your advantage this fall by tucking them in between pumpkins, placing just a single stem in front of a small bushel of pumpkins.

Metal and colored glass containers are all the rage this fall, especially copper right now.

Lanterns are another festive item this fall.

Don't worry about not finding antique, or aged one's. This beautiful one is from Ikea for only $14.99 and you can easily give this an aged look if you chose.

So you love blue - make this the year you highlight this favorite color this fall.

Monday 8/6/2018

Bless'er House shared these great 8 Fall Decorating Tips for a Budget Friendly Fall Home

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