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Fall DIY Projects

Thursday 9/20/2018

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Monday 10/15/2018

Saturday 10/6/2018

Beautiful pumpkin topiary Decor Source : lucydesignsonline

Beautiful pumpkin centerpiece Decor Source : justdestinymag

Simple painted pumpkins Decor Source : classyclutter

Perfectly painted polka dot pumpkins Decor Source : classyclutter

Cream and gold pumpkins Decor Source : positivelysplendid

Mod Podge pumpkins Decor Source : confessionsofaplateaddict

Thursday 9/20/2018

I love making crafts - no matter what type (as long as it's not sewing) and I'm sure you do as well if your here.

Fall is the best time of the year for making crafts because it's chilly outside and we're loaded with all sorts of inspiration as to what we'd like to make.

For me, when I'm in the mood for making crafts, I like to start off with some simple one's to get me in the crazy crafting spirit.

I don't think one can make any simpler crafts than one's using acorns.

Paint your acorns

Acorn Home Decor

These home decor projects are a bit more time consuming, but I can attest from making the kissing ball on the left that it's very relaxing working on projects like these.

Here's the next best thing to acorns - tiny pinecones

And your thinking...what am I going to do with these tiny little things?

Why not make what would be a large wreath into mini wreaths for all the door knobs in your home.

I just loved making these tiny little wreaths for my doors this fall with a few acorns painted gold.

Kissing Balls

So simply all you do.

Twine Pumpkins


  • Twine
  • Plastic Cup
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick

1. Begin by wrapping your twine around the bottom of the cup once. So you'll have a little piece sticking out with the rest of the twine in tow. Place a small amount of glue on this little piece sticking out and wrap your twine again over this little piece.

2. Now you'll continue wrapping the twine around the bottom of the cup until you have a nice neat little bundle, cut the twine, place a small amount of glue on the top of your little bundle and place the remaining twine.

3. Remove this little gorgeous bundle from the cup.

4. Wrap a small piece of twin around this little bundle and tie off in a knot.

5. This is what your little bundles will look like.

7. Stand it up and begin pulling the twin apart to form a pumpkin. You'll have to play with the twin for a little bit to get the shape you want.

8. This is your finished twine pumpkin. How gorgeous is this? for some slightly more complicated DIY's

Where else can you go with so much beauty around you. I tried to get as close as I could to these Canadian Geese, one actually hissed at me- no actually two did. Chris said that they're probably males. You can see them sort of spread out, then congregated together, then headed off to the pond.

This is where I love to go to collect all the little pieces of nature - acorns, pinecones, crab apples, hydrangeas.

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