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5 Ways to Update a

French Country Room

I'm constantly looking for ways to change areas in my home. Are you like this as well?  I could have just redecorated an entire room, but when I'm sitting in it at night - I'm looking around and might focus on something and think of how I might change it a bit.

Is updating your rooms something that your constantly thinking of? These few things might just help you with this.


When I say "painting" - I'm not talking about painting the room. I'm talking about painting either a piece of furniture or maybe some of your decor. Painting is one of the easiest things a person can do to completely change something and it's proven to be very beneficial. Forget about buying new things, think of things that you can paint and make a drastic change in a room for little cost.


Often times when we're decorating, we fall into the habit of overloading a room to make it feel full and happy. Although this may be the case, it's often not necessary.

Take a look at each corner of a space and think about what you could remove, yet keeping that same cozy space that you initially decorated. Maybe remove a few pillows, or a few decorative pieces on a bookcase. If you have a lamp on a side table that's not getting much use, replace it with a candle holder instead, also freeing up space for a few decorative items.

Do you have furniture that you could possibly use in another room. If you remove a piece of furniture, now try rearranging the room into a new configuration.


Layer things that you already have. So you have that collection of books that you've been thinking of donating - hold off for a moment and think of using these to elevate different pieces of decor to add height to a vignette, or collection of things. In your eat in kitchen, think about stacking the dishes you use every evening, with the glasses neatly to the side and the silverware wrapped in a linen napkin on one edge of your table. Add a gorgeous floral arrangement to the center for a gorgeous focal point in your kitchen.


Walls can become just wide open areas in a room, making the entire room feel very bare despite having enough furniture and decor in it. Consider your walls as being open canvases where you can continue decorating.

Add a large piece of artwork to a wall with a small side table beneath it for a dramatic look. Remember we discussed creating your own artwork, well this is the perfect time to do just that.

Adding a simple ledge to a wall with a stack of books and a simple floral arrangement is a beautiful and simple way of adding excitement to a wall. This candle wall sconce is gorgeous (and I've made a few of these myself).

There's a lot of different one's on the market that you could purchase without spending a lot of money like with these two that are $51.00 for the set.

Don't forget about your entryway because this area as walls as well. Adding a bench is always a wonderful thing to have in an entryway, but then adding hooks for different things and artwork above it is even more wonderful. When thinking about decorating a wall, think about layering it like seen here. Three layers - bench - wall hooks - artwork.

I love this look with a simple bulletin board and "free" printable artwork tacked to it for instant artwork. Don't forget to checkout my FREE ARTWORK PRINTABLES.

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