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A Breeze Through Sheers


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A Breeze Through Sheers

The beautiful breezes that come with spring. Some with down pours outdoors, but others with a faint touch of arm air. These are the days that we open our windows to let in some of that fresh air. It's time to take down those heavy insulated draperies and replace them with gorgeous cotton sheer drapes and with these draperies, their perfect puddled on the floor.

There's several different style sheer draperies that are available. Inverted pleats are nice clean smooth lines. Pencil pleats are clean with a bit of fullness. Back tab drapes add a sense of dimension at the top. Tie tab drapes add a decorative touch. Pinch pleats have a lot of drama going on at the top. You decide what look is best for your home.

Inverted Pleat Drapes

Pencil Pleat Drapes

Back Tab Drapes

Tie Tab Drapes

Pinch Pleat Drapes

Hanging your draperies just above the window casing is perfect for framing out and softening the window.

Drapery lengths should be right along heating baseboards or longer.

If you have shorter ceilings, than hang your draperies 5" below the ceiling to add volume and height to the room.

The type of fabric your draperies are made of plays a huge role in how they'll hang. Sheers that are synthetic will hang a little stiffer than one's that are 100% cotton.

Wayfair has sheer draperies at all different price points from $10.00 - $80.00.

This is your home, you first decide what you can afford - then decide what type of draperies you'd like and finally how you'd like to hang them.

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