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Adding a Touch of French Country to your Home - Day 2


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Adding a Touch of French Country to your

Home - Day 2

Everyone knows that I'm going to be talking French Country at any chance I get and todays no exception to this.

It's all in the Details

What I'd like to focus on today is adding details to a room in your home.

Adding a touch of French Country to your Dining Room

Here are some tips shared by one of my favorite bloggers

Making your French Country home timeless and chic! 

A home can be centuries old or a loft in the city and take on French flair by carefully adding and editing.

I love the look of softly muted colors, worn and rustic tones with layers of imperfection.

Choosing a rectangular dining table long enough to fit many guests and family is the best of both worlds. You'll have a gorgeous piece of French Country furniture to fill your dining room, and plenty of seating for when it required.

Round tables are practical for smaller rooms to grandiose parlors and something about the way that you face your guests invites conversation.

Mirrors are something not only practical and functional in French homes, but often decadent and over the top with carvings and details. The GORGEOUS mirror in this home is simply propped on top and is an antique that had been painted grey.

Take a step back and look at this space. Envision it without the wall scones, mirror and chandelier. What's left? White walls - white side board and table and chairs. Very bland.

All of the gold is what makes this space so gorgeous.

Think about incorporating these few things into your dining room.

A crystal chandelier is a must have over your dining table. Not only does it provide a beautiful glimmer of light over your table in using low watt bulbs, but also provides a focal point for the room. When you enter the space, you can't help but to see this first, so choose wisely. Here are two that I found on Wayfair for a smart budget.

Another must-have for your dining room is a large mirror. Now gorgeous ornate mirrors go back hundreds of years ago and were mostly done with gold leafing, making them very expensive. But we want to create this look now and affordably, so what can we do?

Buying a gorgeous replica of the antique mirrors that we so love from Wayfair. Not only are these incredibly affordable, but there gorgeous too.

Wall sconces are other gorgeous features to have in your dining room. Not only are they gorgeous on your wall, but they also provide a glimmer of light at night. Perfect for anchoring a large mirror like seen here.

Like always - do what you can afford!

Here's a few more tips from another favorite blogger

Adding a touch of French Country to your Bathroom

Rather than the entire powder room makeover - I was more enticed by the details she added.

The goal was to transform the room without spending much. The sink and commode were innocuous enough, although this particular pedestal sink provided nowhere to put soap, while the extra tall height left no space for a shelf. I’m not a huge fan of the ceramic floor, but ripping it out will have to wait for another time. So instead I addressed the key things that would make the biggest statement and go the longest way towards expressing my style.

The single biggest transformation toward a French bathroom was achieved by getting rid of the nearly-black painted walls and covering them with a lovely toile. Wallpaper is not for everyone and if floral isn’t your thing, you’d want to pick something else, but in a room this size without windows, rug or seating, the use of wallpaper affords the opportunity to bring in pattern and personality to define your look. In a tiny room, the expense of the paper is balanced by how little you need.

A beautiful antique French mirror is just the thing to make any room special. But in a pinch, a lightweight resin reproduction will get the same point across.

If you’re lucky enough to have the space for it, a tiny piece of furniture adds both character and a place to store hand towels, aspirin and other guest necessities. Mine hold bandaids and lip balm, and the wicker basket beneath is a discreet holder for spare toilet tissue.

The place to really have fun showing your personality is with the pieces you choose to display on the limited surfaces you have to work with. These are part of my collection purchased mostly in England and add a fun touch of glimmer and refined appeal.

Many of these bathrooms come with cheap dome lighting, but ours had NO overhead lighting. Either way, bringing in an antique piece or one with special character is a great way to make your room one-of-a-kind. This lantern was in the entry hall in our old home and easily transitioned to its new role.

While we don’t really need two light sources in this room, we did need to deal with the existing wiring above the mirror. An inexpensive sconce was added to the mix and the change from the original is like night and day.

How gorgeous are these lanterns? Wayfair didn't have anything I liked as far an antique style lanterns, so I had to do a global search where I found these. And look at the price - can you believe it? I've provided the link here if your interested in these.

The bath light shown in the photo above was bought from Wayfair and is $258.00. I knew I could do better than that, so I continued looking and found these two. The size depends on the size of your mirror.

Gorgeous French Country mirrors that are replicas of the gorgeous mirrors that are hundreds of years old. Today, we're not concerned if their gold-leafed, but rather just that their gold and beautiful.

If she had just wallpapered this powder room - how would it look?

Like the room was started, but not finished.

Again, it's in these gorgeous gold elements that brings this powder room to life.

Think about incorporating some of these elements into your bathroom. You don't need to wallpaper it, just a fresh coat of barely white paint is enough.

I am so incredibly lucky to have such talented girls sharing their inspiration and tips on a French Country home.

Adding a touch of French Country to your Kitchen

This is from another favorite blogger

Simple and easy to do- breadboards are a great way to bring in texture and add a bit of rustic charm.
I love to stack tall ones together against the wall- and smaller ones on the counter underneath the cupboards for a bit of interest. Mix vintage and new- and some of my favorites are the chubby ones that layer with a bit of oomph.

Bread boards are just beautiful. I know, it's just a piece of wood. But the age of them from being used over and over again is the beauty in them, especially when you find really old one's. Thrift stores are a great place to look for these older beauties.

Copper is just always a good thing in the kitchen, right?
That bit of gleam and warmth it has- it is a perfect accent. You can find copper at thrift stores, flea markets- and brand new copper at places like HomeGoods.
Hang them together at varying heights for a bit of interest.

Copper pots and pans is going to be your hunt and find. Older ones are best found at thrift stores. New one's can be purchased just about anywhere. Only you know how much room you have for these beauties, so happy hunting.

I always say a room isn't truly finished with out a chandelier and fresh flowers.
And that is true even in the kitchen.

I found this vintage chandelier in a second hand shop and was thrilled to find a matching one a couple years later. My husband may have rolled his eyes at me when I told him where I wanted to put it- but once it was up in the kitchen-it was perfect.

Let's not forget about our gorgeous chandeliers to replicate this look. The one's she's using are full size chandeliers. The size of the chandelier(s) that you'd use depends on the size of your island. Maybe you only have room for one and that's perfectly find. I'm going out on a limb and guessing that you never even thought of a chandelier for your kitchen. Think about the change it would make to your kitchen - just gorgeous.

Collection of ironstone, or delicate china, or vintage silver, or anything that speaks to you.
I am a big white dishes kind of girl- so ironstone tends to come home with me often- but go with what speaks to you. Group pieces together with a high and low look for interest.

Despite ironstone being gorgeous, you could use just ceramic white tableware and mixing bowls instead.

Start a Collection of Antique and Vintage pieces that you love.

Old Umbrellas - used in a foyer corner.

One always needs to Create Something

And this adorable birds nest caught my eye.

MATERIALS: Pearls and Wire

Step 1. String your pearls on wire using random sizes and shades of white. Your nest will be made up of two sections so you’ll need to string two separate pearl strands. To build the nest, start with a tight coil as the center of section one.

Step 2. Then wind it around in a messy bundle.

Step 3. Section two will be more of an organized mess. Weave the strands in and out and around to form another bundle.

Step 4. Now take the second section and place it on section one and attach with small pieces of wire

Step 5. At this point in the project, I just scrunched around and pinched until I molded the nest into a shape that was wider at the top rim and got narrower towards the bottom.

Step 6. Fill with moss and eggs to complete the look! I couldn’t find my stash of tiny eggs so I used painted acorns. Display your designer nest under a cloche, on top of a candlestick, with other nests or by itself for a dazzling spring welcome!

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