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Adding to Your French Country Garden


· French Country,Decorating

Have you started planting your French Country garden yet? Maybe you're still pondering the ideas we talked about.

I know there's lots to think about before diving in and I can respect this.

I thought that I would add a few other things to consider when planning your garden.

Using gorgeous metal planters either on your front entry, or in your garden. A few in your sitting area would be gorgeous as well.

Despite there still being gorgeous antique planters around, purchasing a few that resemble the antique ones is fine as well.

Clay pots. We spend so much time thinking about things being perfect. Well let me be the first to say that this is not necessary when it comes to gardening, especially a French Country one. The old - dingy pots are what we've after.

If they have moss growing on them - even better - please don't wash it off.

Once placed in your garden, no one will no the difference between it being new - shiny and bright, or older and dingy.

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