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ajout de parisian a votre pays frencais


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Adding Parisian to your French Country Home

Adding Parisian to your French Country home entails keeping things very neutral - if not white - being very sparse with your decorating and the pieces that you don't have are one's that you must love.

Parisian with a little French Country

Parisian Tip 1. Add a little bit of charm: First thing you see when you enter in a Parisian style apartment - charming furniture, or statement items or home finishes, it’s always that charming twist in any room you enter. So, pick a statement vintage mirror, paint your fireplace in white and make it super chic, style your coffee table, pick a designer chair, pick something made out of velvet and always keep it mind that every splendid item in your home has to be the star of the room. Add a colorful velvet pieces next to a white corners, mix a statement golden mirror with neutral or white deco items or add gorgeous chairs next to a stylish neutral sofa.

Parisian Tip 2. Choose velvet & Gold: Yes, this powerful combo is super IN right now and it’s also truly Parisian especially the pink and gold color palette. The golden details are elegant and give your home that luxury vibe every Parisian home has and the velvet fabric is as sophisticated as a true Parisian. Also, add gorgeous flowers, especially roses to match this dreamy and trendy power combo.

Parisian Tip 3. Pick a designer element: Invest in one piece and you will see your room fully transformed and more stylish. A great designer chair or armchair, a luxury coffee table or a gorgeous dining room table are items that will make a room truly Parisian and you will definitely love the result!

Parisian Tip 4. Pick a statement chandelier or lamp: A Parisian home looks also a little bit royal, so if you add a chandelier in this space it won’t seem too much. But, if a chandelier is not your style, add a gorgeous oversized mid-century lamp in gold that will become the star of this lovely room.

The Francophile fashion is to mix traditional furniture pieces with very modern elements, such as a Louis XIV chair next to a Lucite table. It may seem challenging to get it right, but in fact, letting older pieces you have mingle with contemporary purchases is a natural way to showcase every aspect of your personality, without having to spend a fortune.

Parisians love white walls because the city’s antique ancient buildings with very small windows provide very little light. So have white walls are perfect for reflecting the light around the spaces.

French Country with touches of Parisian style.

Pink is the magic key in decorating Parisian.

For a fun way to add personality while keeping costs down, go vintage! Bring your bestie to a local flea market or estate sale and scoop up some curious knickknacks that will add a touch of charming je ne sais quoi to your home. 

Splurge on that trip to Goodwill to see what type of pink vintage items you can find.

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