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Amazing Ikea Bed Transformations

Sunday 11/11/2018

· French Country,Decorating,Ikea,Tuitorials

Knock Off Decor helps you to design and create beautiful décor for your home. These Ikea hacks - knock offs or simply transformations will inspire you to learn and have fun in any project you do.

There are so many more "hacks" for you to see here. The ones below are my favorites.

I absolutely love this simple metal bed as it's so reminiscent of an antique metal bed. Especially painted then sanded a little bit in areas.

Absolutely amazing what they've done with this simple wood bed. Totally transforming the look's of it in building a simple canopy.

Simply transforming this bed with a gorgeous finish that's so French Country.

Amazing what you can do with one bed. Here they've upholstered the headboard - again - so French Country in style.

A simple incredibly inexpensive bed made to look like this. Absolutely gorgeous.

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