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Cherry Blossoms In



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Cherry Blossoms In Paris

Can you believe that Paris can be anymore gorgeous than it normally is? Side walks flooded with Cherry Trees swept across the streets.

The city is full of the exuberant pink blossoms and in the week following the fire in the Notre Dame cathedral, their power and energy are a fitting symbol of the launch of the project to rebuild the monument.

When Frank Sinatra sang about April in Paris, I wonder whether he had the cherry blossoms in Paris in mind? In small squares; along quiet residential roads or in the big beautiful city parks, the cherry blossom lights up the city during the second half of the month. And if, as is the case this year, we have no rain, then the blooms hang around just a little longer.

Last week the world watched in shock as the Notre Dame cathedral blazed into the night. It seemed unthinkable that Paris may lose this iconic monument, one thousand years of history and craftsmanship. Since the fire and the initial shock, the event has morphed into a tale of rebirth, of new life and a challenging deadline of 2024 for the rebuild.

One of the challenges of the rebuild will be the respect of the immediate surroundings of the cathedral, such as these cherry blossom trees that stand on the south side of the building, along the river.

Yes, we have states also flooded with Cherry Trees like in Washington and maybe they have wonderful french restaurants on Pennsylvania Avenue, but it's not France and everything that comes in living here.

If you don't have a Cherry Tree, this is the time of year to plant one that will grow year after year making gorgeous branches that you can cut each spring.

For all of us who don't have these gorgeous trees accessible to us, artificial cherry blossoms will have to do. Not to worry because they can be just as good as the real ones. This is usually when I would say to buy what you can afford, however because cherry blossoms are large branches, the artificial one's should be as well. So just think of them as a little investment this spring.

Just like with any other artificial stem, there's expensive ones that typically are crafted in great detail to resemble the actual stem from a plant. Then there's one's that aren't as expensive that not as much detail went into it. My suggestion is to buy a few expensive cherry blossom stems to have in your predominant area of your home, maybe your living room. Then purchase some of the less expensive one's to use throughout the rest of your home.

These blossoms are gorgeous on their own, but displaying them in a way that creates even more interest is important. First, place them in your favorite vases, then use inexpensive glass large mouth vases and candle holders to place your favorite vases on to create height. Or, remember those gorgeous painted books we made earlier this year? These would also be perfect for creating various heights to display your gorgeous cherry blossoms in their vases.

Use a vase in your kitchen on the counter or island with a bowl of fresh cherries in front of it for casual daily snacking.

These are also perfect blossoms to use in a large basket on the floor in front of a buffet or side board.

Using these blossoms together in little nooks of your home is absolutely perfect decor for this time of year.

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