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Creating a Fabulous French Country


Wednesday 10/17/2018

· Decorating,French Country,Thanksgiving

Sunday 10/21/2018

Remember what I said about your Halloween Decor overlaying your fall decor, well it's time to take down the halloween decor - unveiling the gorgeous fall decor that you've done.

I've been away for a little while here while I finished up my Fall Decor, still working on bits and pieces of my Halloween Decor and Inspiration, and just started getting back to my Christmas Decor and Inspiration. How incredibly silly of me to have forgotten Thanksgiving. How's this possible? Well...believe it or not Thanksgiving decor and inspiration is the same as it is for fall. So I've got you covered there. But there are a few Thanksgiving pieces that I'd like to share with you today.

I never know what people's talents or skills are, so I stay away from projects using any type of saws, or similar tools. Low and behold, what do you know - Michael's Craft Store sells things eliminating this problem.

How wonderful is this. A premade sign and premade wood letters - it's like a dream come true. Now all you need is some paint. So pickup a few bottles of white acrylic paint and one black paint. Paint your sign with two coats of paint and allow to completely dry. While this is drying, paint your letters black - fronts and sides. Once your sign is done dry, using a piece of sandpaper, go over the entire thing and distress it. Once your letters are dry, you can distress them as well and then with either white glue or wood glue, attach them to your sign.

When your buying your materials, make sure the size letters you get are good for the size sign you get.

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