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First, there is a little madness to this discovery.

A lamp bought at a thrift store. Tell me this isn't a gorgeous lamp. Now on to refinishing it.

Spray the whole lamp with a Matte White Spray Paint.

Then, mix some dark gray acrylic paint with some water until it was sort of a runny watery solution.

Use a good quality paper towel to wipe it back. I take the paper towel and put the whole thing in the cup of watery paint I just mixed up. Then I ring it out back into the cup and then give it a quick run under fresh water, ringing it out again. It’s kinda messy.

Use an artist brush to brush on the runny paint into the crevices and then wipe it back with the paint stained paper towel until I get the right look. Sometimes I blot rather than wipe to give it the look of plaster or cement. The key is the paint stained paper towel because if you use a clean paper towel it takes too much of the paint off and the mottled cement look won’t come through.

Now your ready to spray clear your lamp to seal the gorgeous finish you just painted.

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