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So when you think of a room, what do you think of? 4 blank walls - right? Well that's what we're going to create here in your backyard. A place where you can sit in the morning with a cup of coffee, a place to dine in during the warmer months and a place for all your friends and family to gather.

A room doesn't necessarily need to entail 4 structural walls. You can have this same look by arranging furniture in a square or rectangular fashion.

Now let's pull in the reins a little. I don't want you thinking that you need to run out to buy an outdoor dining table and chairs, or sitting furniture. No - no - no! This can be done much more inexpensively.

Here's a little floor plan that I've done depicting the dining area with the chairs, and the sitting area with end tables.

I've seen thousands of these areas created using all sorts of furniture. I love this dining area because although the furniture is new, it looks very rustic.

Here's brand new furniture with that classic old world look.

A smaller round table is perfect if you don't have a lot of company over.

Here I wanted to show you how fabulous using old and end chairs are at your outdoor dining table. Now these aren't exactly what I would have chosen. I would have used various wood one's instead.

How absolutely divine is this area. I love the casual indoor charms in the tablecloths, accent pillows and white tableware.

Having lighting over your dining table is an absolute must. I've seen thousands of electric lights being used, but that's not necessary because you can have candle chandeliers hung from trees. Maybe one over your table and one in the middle of your sitting area.

So how do we go about creating one of these gorgeous spaces affordably. First it starts with inspiration which I think I've provided here. Then it's looking for the pieces.

Dining Table

Now for me, I love a rectangular wood dining table. That's it. Just a rectangular piece of wood - nothing fancy, because I'd probably paint it with that chippy look I love.

I love some of Ikea's furniture because it's really cheap, but one needs to be careful in making sure that it's actual wood. Here are a few that I think are very reasonably priced and their made of solid wood.


Omg - I can't believe how gorgeous these candle chandeliers are and just look at the prices - unbelievable. Anyone of these would be gorgeous over your dining table.

Dining Chairs

I'd visit my local Goodwill Stores on the hunt for mix and match wood dining chairs. If the finish was a little too new looking for me, I'd simply sand them. If some of them were gorgeous old chairs, I'd paint a few in chalky white.

Arm Chairs

As for the sitting area, I'd look for old arm chairs at my local Goodwill stores to use and for the side tables, well that's easy.

As for the upholstery on your arm chairs, just spray it with an outdoor upholstery spray that will be water resistant.

So as you can see, creating an absolutely gorgeous outdoor space is rather simple when you have a little know how. These tricks of the trade can be used in your home as well. For example, consider getting an armchair from Goodwill for your office.

I loved working on this article for you. I hope it inspires you to create a gorgeous outdoor living space this year for yourself and family and friends.

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