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Creating Your French Country


So have you put your potting bench in the backyard yet? Chop-chop, summers around the corner.

The flowers for our French Country Garden. White roses, salvia and tall blooming flowers like delphinium, larkspur and foxglove, lavender, potted climbing roses, irises, peonies, alliums, Dalmatian bellflowers, Dalmatian and bearded irises.

White Roses

These gorgeous white roses are a plant that you can either plant in the ground, or in a container, or you could do both.


Delphinium (Larkspur)

White Shasta daisies and purple dame’s rocket bloom at Leticia and Stanislas Poniatowski’s home in Cernay, France.


Average is $5 - $8.00 per plant. These can be bought at your local Home Depot, or here's a link for buying them online.

All of these flowers are going to help you create the French Country garden of your dreams. Please don't be like me in expecting immediate gratification, they'll become more and more gorgeous each year.

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