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I know that all of you know how to purchase things for your home. You go absolutely nuts when you walk into a store, or the Home Decor area of a store. Your hearts racing, your picking everything up - wishing that you could scoop up everything. I've been there.

I learned a long time ago that redecorating a space in your home and flooding it with all new home decor and accessories is the biggest mistake you can make. Because once you get it home and start playing around with it putting pieces here and there, you'll soon realize that they don't go together. Or there totally wrong for the space. Or there not the right size for the space. I could go on and on about this.

Buying new home decor and accessories for your home requires some homework and if you've made that Inspiration Board for our French Country Bedroom, than your homeworks complete, or maybe complete - I'll work with you on that.

Here's a some decor that would be welcomed into any French Country bedroom. Each one of these sections is very harmonious - everything works together. If you like that time worn look, then stay with it. Anything you purchase should have that feel to it.

If you'll notice, cream and white can be used the same way. Any of these decorative items can be used with either style bedroom. This is what I would refer to as being a Romance Bedroom because of all the pink and the delicate details in the furniture and accessories.

Some of these are antiques and some are new, but as a collection - I love them in any bedroom.

French Country is a lot of collecting odds and ends, so when you find that fabulous piece - get it because it will be gone.

Shopping antique stores, thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity are great places to look for unique old pieces. Even if their antique silver sugar and creamers without the lids - they make gorgeous little holders for tiny little plants. Maybe the perfect size that you need besides that 8 1/2 x 11" frame on your night stand.

Constantly be thinking outside the box when your shopping because you may find something that you love that could be turned into something else, like in the antique frame above that is made into an inspiration board with chicken wire.

If you come across something that you don't know how to do, like building a bench for the foot of your bed - don't be intimated by it - do a search on Pinterest and they'll be lot's of how-to's on doing this.

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