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All I Need Is A Tad of Inspiration

These gorgeous photos of Architectural decor were shared with me on 1/27/2019 by one of my blogger friends Nancy at Admans and Elm Home

And of course, it inspired me to write this article.

I can remember visiting one architectural salvage shop here in Manchester. Every time I walked in, there was something new waiting by the door for me. My jaw was on the floor while picking practically everything up and thinking about what I would do with it. That's just my crazy mind going and going.

  1. Architectural Salvage Inc. - 3 Mill Street - Exeter, NH (603) 773-5635

2. NorEast Architectural Salvage - 17 Exeter Road - South Hampton, NH (603) 394-0006

Vermont Salvage 2 Gates Street - White River Junction - (802) 295-7616 use to be in Manchester, but they moved to Vermont quite a few years ago. I wan't quite happy about this move.

So the next time your out driving around, pay a visit to South Hampton or Exeter to experience a Salvage Store and I promise, you'll be leaving with something.

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