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DIY Upcycled Sweaters

Wednesday 12/5/2018

· Decorating,Winter,French Country,Tuitorials

There's nothing better than taking something that no longer has value to you and upcycling it into something that you now deem gorgeous. I'm sharing a bunch of projects with you using upcycled sweaters. Don't worry if you don't have any, because you can visit your local Goodwill store and pick up a few.

Now if your leather boots haven't been keeping your legs warm, then you need to make a pair of these.

These are really not that difficult to make. Just cut the arms off your sweater.

Much needed added warmth this winter. What about making lamp shades for all your lamps, including light fixtures. Hop on over to see how these are done.

How gorgeous would a few letters upcycled with sweaters be on your walls this winter? I just love this idea and you can see how there made here

Do you love your little furry friends as much as we do? I'm sure they'd appreciate a nice cozy bed this winter and water better materials to use for this than an unwanted sweater. Check out this blog to see how you can make one

These were love at first sight. I just loved the sweater fabric over the tree forms and can feel the warmth they give just by looking at this picture. You can learn how to easily make these here

I love these Christmas stockings because their pastel, but you can make your own stockings in whatever upcycled sweaters you'd like. See how you can make these here

Now who wouldn't want a nice and toasty hot water bottle behind them while reading their favorite book. Check out this blog to see how you can make one for yourself

Now being the owner of 9 little felines, I can tell you that they'd love to receive these in their Christmas stockings. You need to check this out and during the makings of these little darlings, maybe think about adding a little cat nip inside.

How stern and handsome is this little guy. I want to make lot's of these to mingle with my penguins and reindeer that I'm making. Here is where I'm going to go to learn how to make these for my home

Now I've seen lot's of these sweater covers, but not one with flowers on it. Because this one was pretty special, I wanted to share it with you

How wonderful are these? These are perfect if your still needing to do things and keeping your arms warm. Learn how you can make this very easily

Oh my gosh - how adorable is this little tree. I gave the instructions a quick look and it's super simple to make

Here's some other types of trees that I love. I see these in a grouping of different heights.

Oh my gosh - can you say absolutely adorable, cute, warm and cozy? Check this out to learn how to make one

Ok - we need to do something about all this cuteness and I think the only way to do this is by making a few of our own with the snowman

I am definitely making lot's of these in with my faux fur pillows. If your excited about making some, then check this out

I just can't help myself with all this cuteness. How do you like these little birds for the winter. I think I'll make a few, get a branch and perch these on the branch.

I absolutely love this wreath. It's just gorgeous. Learn how you can make one of your own from my friend over at Stone Gable

Here's another little beauty to adorn your walls this winter, especially if making from a white sweater like this one.

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