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Dress Like You Own This Day


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Dress Like You Own This Day

Who said that you have to look frumpy just because it's raining out? No - no - no. Buy yourself some cute rain gear for these occasions. What you wear under them is up to you.

A classic trench coat is a must and base it off of what neutral color you where the most of. I would stick to a neutral color coat because it goes with everything from your work attire to jeans and just maybe - even sweat pants on the weekends.

A mid length coat with a belt is classic, opposed to one that buttons down the front.

Shoes matter. Shoes are part of the attire. Match your shoes with your coat. On the weekends, have a fun pair of shoes to wear.

An off-white trench coat is also classic irregardless of the style of it. A coordinating umbrella makes it gorgeous rain attire.

Whether flats or stilettos, patent leather is a must in the rain. Leather smells when it's wet and tends to become deformed. Suede can get water marks.

Caramel or beige is another classic and looks exceptionally beautiful with a coordinating umbrella and a pair of stilettos.

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