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Dress Up Your Topiary's for the Holidays

Monday 12/3/2018

· Winter

Well...I busted out of my winter hibernation today and ventured over to the Dollar Tree where I suddenly became elated with all of the goodies that were waiting for me to find. Although most were in plain sight, I did have to go digging for a few. Everything I bought is for DIY projects that I'll be doing and sharing with you.

I've recently been doing a lot of talking about using topiary's in your home. I just posted Last Minute French Country Christmas Decorating from the Dollar Tree where you can buy topiary orbs for just $1.00. Allow the photo's here to inspire you on how to use these.

During the holiday season, the two greenery showstoppers that get the most glory are garland and, of course, the Christmas tree. As they should. But, let’s not overlook something you likely already have that could easily use a festive spin – the topiary.

One of our favorite things in decorating for the season is to take your already existing faux greenery and give it a holiday makeover. Topiaries are the tops in our book because you don’t need a degree in horticulture to make them work – in fact most of ours are faux. Here are 3 ways you can dress up your topiary for the holidays.

The gatherings around our table from November through January are plentiful, festive, and welcome. That’s why the simplest way to incorporate a topiary is on your dining room table. A big bowl of faux greenery in the middle of the table, chic potted ones on the sideboard, and even hanging wreaths from window sills make the prettiest backdrop.

When it comes to topiary in décor, the more the merrier. These gems really look best when paired because they create symmetry and scale. We especially love to group them together on sideboards and console tables for a conversation-stopping statement.

The best thing about topiaries is all the ways in which they come – small and large dome, double ball, short, fat, wide – we love them all.

While you’re hanging stockings with care, ornaments should not be limited to the Christmas tree. Add some magic to the mantle with mini glass ornaments.

A small treat for you if you'd like to make a few tree like topiary's.

Is this not wonderful. Just buy a pot to put it in that you love. I love the white one's from Ballard's.

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