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Eggs Everywhere


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Eggs Everywhere

Eggs are such a magical thing to me. There something produced by nature, it's food for us and they make gorgeous pieces of decor - not just for Easter. Yes, there very fragile but that's one of the beautiful things of them. Just think of a little baby trying to crack through cement.

Sorry - the yucky part first. Have you ever blown out the inside of an egg? I haven't and had to look to see how it's done.

Using an electric drill with a tiny drill bit is how you make the hole on one side, then on the other side, you use a pin and then simply blow the stuff out. Yes...I would definitely be bleaching these bad boys before using.

Aren't these gorgeous and yes they were done in blowing out the insides. I would imagine that you would have to be extremely careful when enlarging the tops so they don't break. Pouring in a little soil and then placing in your plant.

So simple, yet so beautiful. Simply a bunny metallic decal placed on the egg.

Some more gorgeous little planters using eggs. I picture these throughout your home sitting in egg cups.

Speaking of egg cups, want to learn how to make your own?

This is all you need - a package of two very small candle holders - white acrylic paint (or whatever color you'd like) and a piece of sandpaper.

Sand your small candle holders really good, especially inside the hole, then paint.

Small egg candles. How precious!

This is a pretty straight forward project. Depending on how many you'd like to make will determine how much wax to buy. You want basic melting wax - nothing fancy - in fact the least expensive. You'll also need wicks.

First prepare your eggs, than sit them back into the carton. Cut a piece of wick long enough to come outside of the egga little and tie around a tooth pick. Lie the tooth pick across the egg.

Melt the wax in a double boiler, stirring occasionally - then pour into the eggs and allow to completely dry. Now you can use them on your new egg cups.

I just fell in love with these enormous broken eggs made out of paper mache. These would be gorgeous with a plant inside, or used as candle holders with a glass plate holder at the bottom.

All you need is white paper, balloons and flour.

Step 1. First blow up your balloon to the size you'd like.

Step 2. Make your paper mache mixture.

Step 3. Now start running strips of white paper through the paper mache and sticking to the balloon. You'll keep doing this. Criss crossing pieces of paper till it's completely covered. All to completely dry.

Step 4. Once dry, stick a pin through it to pop the balloon, then gently start carving away at the top with a steak knife - tearing it a little bit so you have a jagged edge like an egg. You can paint these white if you'd like.


  • Disposable plastic container 
  • Plastic fork
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Nail polish
  • Water
  • Egg carton (for drying eggs)

Start by filling a plastic container with room temperature water. The water temperature is important—cold water will cause the nail polish to sink to the bottom.

Use whatever color nail polish you'd like. Add a few drops of polish to the water and swirl around with your fork. Drop in one egg and give it a swirl or two before lifting out and placing on your drying carton. Repeat with the remainder of your eggs, adding a few more drops of polish to the water as necessary between eggs.

Well, this was the last chapter to my third book and I hope that you enjoyed reading along. I'll be starting my fourth book that I already have lot's of ideas for and can't wait to share them.

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