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After Easter


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French Country Decorating

After Easter

Easter is the official start to spring. Many of us get anxious for all the pastel colors we can add to our homes seen in eggs, bunny artwork, fresh potted plants like tulips and daffodils. What do we do in the midst of spring when there's still another month to the beginning of summer?

Adding lots of neutral colors to our homes is always a welcome sign to the beautiful days and evenings. We know that neutrals include natural materials like in baskets and also breathable cotton fabrics like linen in colors of beige, cream and white. Lot's of green moss and artificial flowers mixed in with our real one's.

You can simply keep your gorgeous easter eggs to display, just make adorable bird nests to place them in. Display these nests throughout your home with your gorgeous pastel colored easter eggs. Consider placing the nests at different heights, using simple glass vases, or glass candle holders - both of which can be bought at the Dollar Tree.

Make lots of moss balls easily to use in some of your favorite containers, then place on some of your side tables and night stands.

Buy or make beautiful cotton linen pillows with different patterns and textures in beige, cream and white to add an element of freshness to your sofa and bed. Consider adding a new light weight throw blanket to the mix.

Purchase natural baskets to use throughout your home on tables and on the floor. How beautiful would a large basket be on the floor in front of a sideboard or buffet be with a couple dozen artificial lilacs in it?

Think natural, light and bright when decorating

Adding new curtains this time of year is always a wonderful thing, especially when their made of a light natural cotton. Just envision them blowing slightly with the gentle breezes this time of year.

I love using pale blue in my decor because of all the rain we get and the blue being so relaxed and serene. Use this with lots of spring fragrance for an exceptionally perfect spring in your home.

When decorating, group colors together in a nook. Pale purple decorative pillow on an arm chair with a vase filled with lilacs on a side table, or purple tulips planted in a plastic container placed in a basket.

If you can't find natural lilacs, not to worry - just use artificial one's in a container.

Don't forget about our favorite lavender plants that would also be gorgeous in baskets throughout our homes.

Rosemary is a must in the kitchen. Imagine smelling these two strongly fragrant flowers all the time, especially when you lay your head down in the evening.

I'm sharing what my friend Yvonne is doing with her after Easter decorating with you.

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