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French Country Farmhouse


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French Country Farmhouse

Beautiful French Farmhouse Style Moments (Decor Inspiration)!

8 Secrets to More Authentic French Farmhouse Decor

1. Bear in mind where French Farmhouse style originates.

French farmhouse style originates from the lovely landscape of rural France with its hills and valleys. If you can’t travel to the south of France, do spend time online or at the library studying the region to better understand the romance and allure.

2. Mix Masters Genius

There is often a sense of refinement in French Country homes where a mix of old and new result in interiors which feel balanced and sensible, yet soulful and interesting. Old World charm and collected antiques and family treasures impart a sense of rich character.

3. Mismatch Magnifique

Many Americans still opt for matching furniture sets that fall from favor in style after a few years, which would never do for a French farmhouse. The French country approach to furnishing a home is much looser, and the goal is a customized harmonious and unhomogenized look that appears undecorated and not overwrought.

4. Refreshingly frugal and functional

French farmhouse style is practical since home decor pieces tend to work in a variety of rooms so they can be moved around to function in a flexible way. Since many furniture pieces are weathered, chunky, and not terribly delicate, pieces get better with age and use and work hard no matter where they are put into service.

5. Honoring Nature

The French love their gardens and bringing in flowers for home decor and arrange the blooms quite casually. Depending on the region, sunflowers, irises, and poppies are common flowers which flourish in the French countryside.

6. Distressing is NOT Distressing

Since French Country is a style which imparts a sense of age and tradition, scratches, rust, and signs of wear are celebrated. Perfectly new painted finishes or stains do not blend well with antiques and vintage pieces with desirable patina. The same goes for rugs. The French don’t shop for a new rug because of fading or fraying since this look is attractive, and the practical thing to do is to use something until it is threadbare and beyond useful. The distress and wear which come from using furniture and objects are honored and exalted in French Country design.

7. Patience, mes amis!

The French seem always to take a decidedly patient, unhurried, and thoughtful, and not-too-serious sort of approach to their home decor which unfolds over time as family heirlooms are handed down through generations.

8. Trends? Look the other way.

Instead of following trends and redecorating every decade, the French understand the beauty of timeless and prefer timeworn finishes, patina, and character which results from age and wear. It’s an elegant, sophisticated look which is never contrived or overthought.

How do the French accessorize in their French Country homes?

Houzz - “Rarely will accessories in a French country room be purely decorative. They usually have an undertone of usefulness: wall-hung plates that can be pulled down for service, jugs and jars that house kitchen staples, baskets that corral plump produce from the garden. Open shelving is a natural partner for this look — everyday items enjoy pride of place rather than languishing behind cabinet doors.”

French farmhouse and French Country interiors feature a mix of country warmth, sophistication, and simplicity. The decor is not singularly informal, but it’s never too fussy, loud, or froufrou.

Romantic French Country in Houston

French farmhouse living room. Drapery: Pottery Barn (Beligan Flax Linen drapes). Another Belgian Linen Semi Sheer Option. Wall paint color: FARROW & BALL Strong White 2001. Paint color of wood beams: FARROW & BALL French Gray. Oak hardwood flooring.

French farmhouse exterior inspiration

Can you smell the lavender? Rustic French farmhouse exterior inspiration.

Shhhhh…the green shutters only look original.. They were custom made locally.

150 year old French farmhouse in Deux-Sèvres

Such a romantic dining spot!

Timeless Decor Furniture & Decor

I appreciate timeless decor that isn’t influenced by what is currently strutting down the runway. It’s not going to look silly a couple of years from now because it has a connection to the past yet remains functional and relevant now.


When I come across a particularly beautiful find which I think many of you would fancy, I tuck it away – and the links have been accumulating so it’s time for the lovely to rain down.

Pretty, Timeless & Tranquil Settees

Beautiful settee from Wayfair $370.00

Another beautiful settee from Wayfair $242.00

Lovely Display Cabinets

Beautiful piece from Wayfair $294.00

Beautiful combination of glass and wood doors by Wayfair $210.00

Pretty Headboards

Beautiful simply upholstered headboard with nail trim by Wayfair $172.00

Beautiful very simply upholstered headboard by Wayfair $130.00

Scandinavian Inspired Timeless Dressers

Beautiful full size dresser by Wayfair $309.00

Gorgeous white wash dresser by Wayfair $390.00

French Inspired Timeless Chandeliers

5 Light Chandelier in greyish tone by Wayfair $180.00

Beautiful "faux" wood and metal 5 light chandelier by Wayfair $189.00

6 Light "faux" wood and metal chandelier in a gorgeous aged cream finish by Wayfair $149.00

Beautiful Beds with Timeless Style

Gorgeous upholstered button tufted bed by Wayfair $157.00

Another gorgeous bed from Wayfair $255.00 done in metal with an upholstered headboard

Beautiful metal and upholstered headboard with tufted buttons by Wayfair $300.00

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. I'll be sharing another 150 year old French Farmhouse with you real soon!

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