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French Country Home Decor


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French Country Home Decor

Seen in Florals and Fruit

Today we'll talk about the beautiful combination of fruits and florals. I already know that we all love flowers and love to display them in different forms, but this is something new that your going to love.

Grapefruit cut into slices with pink roses and white hydrangeas and white lilies

Whole lemons with yellow roses and a beautiful contrasting black ribbon

Whole limes with white lilies and roses, and a bit of greenery

So what's the MAGIC behind making these?

A SMALL CANISTER inside a larger type of vase.

Your fruit will go inside the larger vase and your florals will go inside the container in the center. You can certainly play with this. For example if you want to use a lot of flowers, you'd have a larger vase in the center with a larger one on the outside for the fruit. The size of the outside glass depends on if your using whole fruits, or one's that are sliced.

Beautiful sliced limes and these wholesome looking hydrangeas aidh other white flowers in the center

Orange slices with babies breath and orangish carnations

  1. Pick your vase (the outer glass that will be for your fruit)
  2. Choose a vessel the same size or close to (for your flowers)
  3. Fill your vessel  half with water, as well as filling the vase half with water.
  4. Place either your whole fruit or sliced fruit inside the base and fill to the top of the vessel.
  5. Remember how we created floral bouquets in our hand before placing into the vase, well you'll do that here.
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