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Silver and Gold Decorating


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Silver and Gold Decorating

As much as I love my ultra white slipcovered furniture and white heavily distressed coffee table, I also love shimmers of silver (grey) and gold as well. I especially love how the beautiful gold gilded tables are being kept current with new ideas for today's modern homes.

Silver and Gold are welcome additions to a pale palette for a subtle glimpse of color without being too overwhelming.

The Bourgeois's had gilded gold furniture and wall mirrors during the 17th and 18th centuries in France. The pieces were heavily ornate with intricate detail made into the wood work and accented with pure gold leaf.

Nowadays gold leaf is used for a variety of things such as on mirrors, on home decor and other small pieces. This can also be used on a piece of furniture to accent any of the reliefs of ornate embellishments. Because of the process in gold leafing, very seldom does one see furniture pieces completely done with this material.

There's a lot of beautiful antique side tables still left to be had. Typically you'll find them in their original wood finish with a coat of clear on them. Sometimes you may find a pieces with tattered gold on it.

If you'd like to recreate a gorgeous gilded table, spray painting it is your best option because of the fine details in the piece. This has actually become the norm because it's very easy to do once you get the hang of it, extremely durable like a factory finish and doesn't require a clear coat.

Because of today's large array of paints and finishes, you can buy a "matte gold" spray paint that is the best for this because you certainly wouldn't want shiny pieces. Depending on how you'd like to finish them, you could go over the piece with sandpaper to slightly bring through the natural wood in areas and you can also go over the entire piece with steel wool to burnish the entire piece.

When choosing a gold finish, choose a darker one rather than lighter one because it's more natural looking.

Gold leaf is an extremely thin sheet that is applied with a certain adhesive. When using this, it's important to go over it with a large soft brush to remove any of the excess and to ensure it get's into the crevices of the detail your working on.

A grey sofa or couch can act like the silver in the space and look how gorgeous all the gold is with it.

Don't misunderstand me, a white slipcovered sofa would simply be just as gorgeous.

Simplicity is always timeless. There's not a lot here, but it's such a statement piece.

Simple side table with gold mottled finish - love this.

Gold is such a warm addition to any decor. It breaks up different fabric textures on furniture in adding its own. If interested in buying new side tables, keep them timeless - don't look for trendy pieces because these are the one's you'll be looking to replace in the future. Timeless pieces can be swapped out in between rooms. Today they'll be side tables in your living room. Next year maybe they'll become night stands in your bedroom.

I love this table with the wood top and gold legs. I have a table like this that's an antique made of all wood.

If you do happen to find an antique side table, look at the structure of the piece and rather than just painting the entire table in gold, maybe you could do something like the table above.

I love the finish and legs on this table. In addition, there's plenty of storage.

I love these tables. The gold finish is gorgeous and I love how the legs are - so different.

The number one rule when mixing metals is that one is dominant over the other and they should rest against a soothing color palette.

Grey finishes just like gold finishes come in a large array of colors as you can see with these chairs. There all beautiful and unlike with gold, there is no wrong color of grey.

If you find an antique piece and want to refinish it in grey, you might want to add silver metallic over the details of it and then go over the entire piece with a grey glaze.

If it's a chair your working on, the fabric your using is going to play a big part in how the piece comes out. You can see how the darker fabric looks above compared to these two lighter fabrics with writing on them.


Step 1. Remove seat

Step 2. If you've never spray painted before, practice on a piece of cardboard. Shake the can very well. Holding the can approximately 12" away from the cardboard, press the button and start spraying on the outside of the cardboard and drag the paint across the cardboard in one continuous motion and let up on the button. Now do the same thing going in the other direction - start off of the cardboard and continue down the cardboard to the other side and let up on the button. You never want to try to completely cover it at once. Use light coats, then apply a second coat. That's it! You'll follow this same practice for whatever your spray painting.

Continue practicing until you feel very comfortable with the spray can.

Step 3. Make sure your piece is really clean in using whatever cleaner you use for wood. Make sure the piece is dry.

Step 4. First spray one coat of a charcoal spray paint over your entire piece and allow to dry. Spray a second coat and allow to dry.

Step 5. Now take your silver spray paint and do the same thing as Step 4.

Step 6. Once completely dry, go over the entire piece with steel wool and notice the difference. It's bring the grey through slightly but combining it with the silver to make it appear like one color.

I love this fabric and I also love how they've kept the nail heads off to the sides. These are simply gorgeous chairs.

There's other products for doing things like mirrors. Depending on what the mirror is made of, you could with a small paint brush first paint it with black acrylic paint and then with silver acrylic paint. There's also a product called Rub-N-Buff that you could use in silver, but your base would still need to be a dark color.

If gold or silver pieces seems a bit to much for you, then try to incorporate these gorgeous metallics in frames. Making a wall gallery with gold frames and white ones that are slightly distressed would be gorgeous. Use metallic silver frames with natural wood frames for a stunning wall gallery.

No matter how you choose to bring in gold and silver, it's going to be gorgeous and timeless.

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