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Your in the right place if your looking for FRESH FRENCH COUNTRY WINTER DECORATING IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME.

French Country decorating after the holidays is about creating a fresh start for the new year and these ideas will inspire you.

The holidays for many people mean decorating every inch of their homes with the colors they've chosen. Although their homes are gorgeous for the holidays, it's not quite what needs to be done during the winter season. Neutral colors with lots of cozy blankets and candles lit is more appropriate for winter.

French Country Living Room

Because living rooms are typically the first place that is walked into - they deserve a lot of attention.


After the ornaments come down, and all of your Christmas decor is nestled in their respectable place in the basement, it's nice to have a clean slate to work from. The new year brings a sense of a new start, a fresh start to bringing in new decorating.

Here are some of the things to consider before doing anything:


Then you can start thinking about:


After you've decluttered and removed all of the red in you home, start with looking at each room and thinking about what could come out. Maybe start an area in your basement for these things that could come back in the spring. Also look at the pillows on your couch to see if they could be refreshed with a new pillow cover. How about your book shelves, could they be reorganized with simple burlap book covers?


For a super cozy French Country home during the winter season, think cozy blankets and adding warmth with candles.


Leaving your tree up with all the ornaments removed is a glorious way of keeping that winter feel that is so prevalent outdoors. It certainly adds a winter wonderland feel to your home.

French Country Living Room

Leaving out all of your pine is also a wonderful thing to do during the winter. Sprinkle in white decor and mercury glass candle holders for a different feel that is sure to warm your heart.

French Country Living Room


French Country Living Room


Having lot's of miniature trees throughout your home is another wonderful thing to do during the winter. There so small and precious.

French Country Living Room
French Country Living Room


Even fresh pine in a container filled with water is wonderful and quite possibly, you'll be smelling pine for a few days.


French Country Living Room


Winter is the time to truly make your fireplace the focus of your decor. Even if you live where it is still warm a pretty hearth and fireplace is a must!

Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry. Make any flat surface the star of a room! Use the same accents below and incorporate them to work on top of a table, buffet or even a shelf!

Here are some fireplace ideas for winter…

  • add a mirror to reflect light when the days get shorter
  • add lots of battery operated candles on times
  • bigger is better
  • less color makes a calmer look
  • metallics look beautiful in winter
  • add something to the hearth to keep our eyes moving about
  • add fairy lights

Making your own French Cloches is a wonderful way of creating a vignette. Create them in different heights with relevant things around them.

French Country Cloches

All you simply need is a glass lid and either an antique plate, or antique cake stand.

French Country Cloches

Then - all of the magic happens.

Obviously the size of the glass lid is what's going to determine what you can put inside of it, like the photo on the left with the antique binoculars and books is a very large glass container (in this case). Having medium size glass lids is a wonderful way of creating a botanical garden, especially in the winter.

French Country Vignette

Gorgeous vignettes that inspire you. Fresh pine is ideal for decorating for winter.

French Country Vignette

Here's a vignette that could be in any entryway. Adding a miniature tree, fresh pine, a lamp and simple jars made with snow and pinecones make for a beautiful vignette anywhere.

French Country Vignette

This vignette is so cozy on an antique chippy white table, a large mirror, tiny pine tree in the metal container with antique bottles in a wood tray and fresh pine hanging from above.

French Country Bedroom

Look at all the ways you can add winter to your bedroom with a simple pine swag above your bed, various miniature trees everywhere and don't forget about the faux fur and plaid flannel accent pillows with the super cozy throw blanket.

French Country Bedroom
French Country Bedroom

Add lot's of luscious pastels to your bedroom with the sprinkles of pine for a true French Country bedroom.

French Country Dining Room

Your French Country dining room is the stage where everyone gets together - whether if it's family at night having dinner, or family and friends over for dinner and socializing.

This is where you can display a spectacular center piece that you've made.

French Country Dining Room
French Country Dining Room & Living Room


See how spectacular it is leaving your wreaths up during the winter season. And look at the tree in the nook of this gorgeous dining room.

French Country Dining Room

See how gorgeous just a few pine accents look.

French Country Outdoor Area

Let's not forget about the outdoors. Depending on what you have for space, you could actually create a little nook that could be very warm during the winter.




Freezer Paper
Inkjet Printer
Burlap, or 100% cotton fabric

Step 1. Place a piece of freezer paper, waxy side down, onto the wrong side of your fabric. Iron. The freezer paper will stick to your fabric.

Step 2. Place standard sized printer paper on top. This is so you know how wide to cut your fabric. Anything wider than 8″ won’t work for most inkjet printers. It can be longer than a standard sheet of paper, just not wider. Using your computer paper as a pattern/guide, cut your fabric.

Step 3. Take the computer paper off, flip the fabric around and you now have the piece of fabric you’re going to print on. The freezer paper will be stuck to the wrong side of the fabric, and the right side is ready for printing on

Step 4. The freezer paper acts as a stabilizer for your fabric. Feed it into your printer, like you would regular paper.

Step 5. Press print!

It might take you several attempt at feeding the fabric through the printer so don’t be discouraged if this happens. Burlap is thicker than many fabrics. If your fabric doesn’t feed through see if your printer has settings for different thicknesses of paper. Sometimes putting a small stack of regular printer paper behind the fabric/freezer paper helps as well.

Carefully peel the freezer paper off the back of your fabric. 



Black Sharpie

X-Acto Knife
Black Acrylic Paint


Step 1. On your computer - find a font you like - then type what you'd like your sign to say. Print it out on cardstock.

Step 2. Cut out the letters like shown above.

Step 3. Place the stencil you just made over the burlap, tape into place with some scotch tape, then begin painting the letters. Allow to dry before moving.


Step 1. Print an image from your computer onto cardstock, trace it onto freezer paper, and use an X-Acto knife to cut it out.

Step 2. Iron the freezer paper onto 100% fabric.

Step 3. With a paint brush, fill in the stencil with an even coat of Mod Podge Fabric. Make sure that the coat of Mod Podge is relatively smooth so that the final product wouldn’t have any raised spots.

Step 4. While the Mod Podge is still wet, sprinkle on embossing powder over the stencil. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, and then pour the extra off into a folded sheet of paper so you pour it back into the jar.

Step 6. When the fabric is all powdered, tape some sheets of paper around the freezer paper to protect the rest of your fabric because any stray pieces of powder could get heat embossed onto the fabric, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Step 7. Plug in your heat gun and turn it on high, or 400º. Hold it above the design and watch the embossing powder slowly melt into the fabric. You will want to do this in a protected space, since some of the powder will blow around. It’s hard to say exactly when it’s finished melting other than you will just know.

Step 8. Let the embossing powder cool for a few minutes and then peel the freezer paper off of the fabric.

The heat gun also drys the Mod Podge, so you don’t have to wait 72 hours to wear your shirt. Give it a few hours just to be safe, and then go forth in your new shirt!


Where to buy waterslide decal paper:

  • Amazon - Blinggasm Waterslide Decal Paper 10 Sheets Pack, Clear or White, Inkjet or Laser Printer Use clear for Laser Printer $9.99
  • Amazon - Blinggasm Waterslide Decal Paper, 8.5x11 Inch, Clear for Inkjet Printer, 10 Sheets $9.99
  • Amazon - Laser Waterslide Decal Paper WHITE 10 Sheets Package $15.34

Print your images on the shiny side of the decal paper and let them dry for a few minutes. Prepare a bowl of water and set aside.

Cut the images with the scissors, close to the borders.

Sink every image into the water, before applying, and let them sit in the water following the manufacturer’s instructions. While still in the water, check to see if the top foil, the one with the image on it starts to slide, but don’t remove it from the paper base just yet.

Remove the waterslide decal paper from the water and apply it on your object. Slide and gradually remove the paper base of the decal, leaving the translucent top foil with the rinted image on your object.

Use a paper towel to remove any excess water or any air bubbles under the decals. Wipe gently and try not to move the decals from position, starting from the inside of the image and gradually going to the outside of the image. Set aside, let them dry. This is it - you've created your first home decor using waterslide transfers.


I thought this might be a super easy project for you to tackle this winter in maybe a bathroom.

  1. Start with a clean, even floor. If your going over your existing floor, vacuum it first - then wash it.  If you pull up the existing flooring, make sure you remove it all and use a scraper to help you with this.  Then vacuum the floor really - really good.
  1. Do a dry fit of your planks/tiles before you start sticking them down. Lay some planks out across the width of your bathroom to see how they line up, and what size my leftover sliver would be underneath the cabinet. If you start with a full plank on one side but end up with a little sliver on the other side of the room, you want to know this before everything is stuck down! 
  1. Know how to cut the vinyl. Use a straight edge, apply firm pressure and score the surface with a utility knife. Then you can easily snap the vinyl along that score line. If it breaks a little messy toward the back side of the vinyl, it’s really easy to shave off the rough edge with the utility knife. This method works for curved edges too, not just straight ones. 
  1. Use paper templates. Use some paper to make templates around detailed areas.  Then draw the template onto one of the pieces of flooring.
  1. Remove your toilet. If you’re working in a bathroom, you’ll get a much nicer finished result if you remove the toilet and extend the planks underneath it. Just replace your wax ring when you re-install the toilet. They only cost like $4, so don’t let that be what stops you. If it sounds intimidating, watch a couple videos on YouTube and you’ll find it’s much easier than it sounds. 
  1. Stagger wood planks for a more realistic look


One thing you may not know about this blogger is when she lived in Charlotte she supplemented her teaching income by having a space at an antique mall. She'd spend weekend mornings scouring estate sales and thrift stores and reselling the items in her shop. It was a hobby that paid well, and even though it’s been ages since that time of her life - she can spot a deal in seconds flat! Since thrifting was an actual job for awhile, she has a list of tips that we can all follow to find THE BEST deals.

PRO THRIFTING TIP: Have a list of items you’re looking for, but you never know what you’ll find so keep your eyes open and be sure to check out each section. Sometimes it even helps to go through the store in one direction, then reverse it to see the aisles from a new direction.

TIP: See those figurines? Don’t be turned off by wild colors. If you see figurines with good shapes, spray paint them all one color for a stunning display! For Christmas - mismatched nutcrackers look cohesive painted all white, or collect colorful owls and spray paint them all in black for Halloween.

The best tip to finding great deals is to shop early and often. They put items out on the floor constantly, so there’s a serious rotation of treasures out there.

VINTAGE PYREX is something you should always get!

Not everything needs to be vintage.

PRO TIP: run your hands along the underside of dishes to feel for chips that are hard to see with the naked eye.

This vintage ginger jar lamp was adorable! It was hard not to let it jump into my cart. Ginger jars are a classic decor item that still reigns supreme is design magazines. PRO TIP: it’s important to train your eye towards higher-end style by browsing magazines and catalogs so when you do spot a treasure you know it!

Always wonderful home decor to be found. This brass soap holder would be gorgeous in a bathroom. The copper tea kettle a must have for your stove.. The silver leaf great for putting your everyday jewelry on in your bedroom.

A quick scan of the racks turned up several name brands, including J. Crew, Michael Kors, Ann Taylor, and LOFT. PRO TIP: Inspect clothing carefully for stains or rips.

I hope you enjoyed your stay with me here today and even more, I hope that I've brought you ton's of inspiration for decorating this winter.

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