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From Your Front Entry to Your Backyard

I envision a gorgeous stone path leading from your front door to your backyard. And in your backyard, sits a gorgeous french country potting bench. How perfect for spring.

Everyone has a different front yard and front entry way.

Here's a couple of front entries that I could think of one having. A stone, brick or cement walkway.

This is what I'd like to create going from your front entry to your backyard using stepping stones.

Stepping Stones vary in price. A Lot of them are sold in pallets and are based on the square footage you need. These stepping stones were the least expensive and as you can see, there sold by the pieces.

Here's some other options for buying them individually.

Another idea that I love and save's a bunch of money on stepping stones, is using pea gravel.

Here the pea gravel is gorgeous with the flowers bordering it.

Here you can see edging used to keep the pea gravel in place.

These are examples of a pea gravel sold in a 40 lb. bag for $15.00.

So here's how we're going to make a pea gravel walkway with stepping stones.

Laying Your Pea Gravel

Step 1. Dig out your grass in the area you'll be laying down your pea gravel. Because we're coming off of the front entry, it's best to have a uniform flow.

Here you can see how I've integrated a pea gravel walkway into your front entryway.

Step 2. Pour big rough gravel over the area you just dug up. You want lots of pointy edges that will interlock. Spread it a few inches deep, then tamp it til your arms want to fall off. You don’t want this layer to move.

Here's a 50lb bag of gravel for $5.00

A helpful tip when using a hand tamper on decomposed granite: Wipe off the bottom of the tamper and spray it with WD-40.

You can check whether your surface is level by spraying with water until it’s soaked and then noticing the low spots where the water pools. This also helps to pack it down.

Step 3. Once you're satisfied that you have a smooth, hard, flat surface, top off with pea gravel. Rake it into a uniform thin layer, and tamped that too. Water it so all of the dust will settle into the crevices.

Placing Your Stepping Stones

Now your ready to place your stepping stones. Because we've used pea gravel as our base for our walkway, we won't require as many stepping stones.

How I like to gauge how many stepping stones I'm going to need is getting a bunch of sticks, then walking on the surface in a normal stride - place a stick at your first step - then at your second step and so on. This will tell you exactly how many stepping stones you'll need.

These stepping stones are very close together, but there quite large as well.


Now if you'd like to get some edging for the sides of your new pathway - there's a lot to choose from.

Just like with the other products we've used here, edging is sold individually like shown here, or in pallets depending on the square footage you need.

And look what awaits you in the backyard

Your Own French Country Potting Bench

How absolutely gorgeous is this old table that's now repurposed to be a potting table. You really don't need much more than this.

How beautiful are these benches? Just very simple and meant to be made gorgeous. If you love the chippy paint finish, learn how to do it on my Tutorials page.

Unless you wanted something like this with a little bit of storage for your different pots, hand shovel and rake.

Another beautiful one with open storage.

Now this is France and again, old dining tables are repurposed.

I'm so elated that I was able to find affordable solutions for you to have a planting bench in your backyard. Simply place it against your home, fill the bottom with terra cotta pots and possibly a piece of lattice for a plant you can keep on top and train it on the lattice.

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