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Gold Home Decor


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We're taking a nap here during our

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Bird Cages - Birds and Bicycles

Gold Home Decor

I'll be back tomorrow to share Birds with you and wait till you see what I've come up with.

Gold is a color that I absolutely love. Everything about the color is wonderful. It brings lots of warmth to it in the colder months, but can also work beautifully in the summer with a gorgeous white lamp on side tables. It's a color that works with every other color in the spectrum - even pastels.

Pastels are my favorite colors in shades of pink - blue - green and a bit of yellow. I've added photos of flowers with some of my photos below to show you how gorgeous this color combination is.

Some people want to scream when they think of gold because their thinking of what it was in the 1980's. If you only hear one thing today - let it be to not use shiny gold - this is the stuff from the 80's. Today we love matte gold finishes, or antique gold finishes.

This is a color you can have in every room of your home without feeling like it's dominating a space. This is because the color has become very subdued. So be inspired as you browse through this today. I have a special surprise for you at the end.

Your Accent Tables

How to Place Accent Tables

If your couch or sofa sits alone on a wall, than anchor it with two rectangular side tables.

If you have a couch sitting one way and a sofa sitting the opposite way against one another, then place a round accent table in between them.

If you have an area with two arm chairs together, then place a round table in between them.

I love round tables and use them whenever possible. Round tables in my opinion bring a conversation together.

When I was working, I would often suggest to my boss that our meetings were held with large round tables rather than a large rectangular table. I explained that everyone could unit without anyone feeling like they were less than with the head oncho at the foot of the table. This can be very intimating, especially when your in a meeting for anyone to want to speak up and share what they have to say. I've always been opposed to these large rectangular tables. Maybe this is why I embrace using circular tables when I'm designing.

Gold accent tables come in a range of price tags. One thing that I want to emphasize is whenever your buying things like gold side tables, make sure their not made of that shiny 1980's gold, but rather a painted gold finish or a burnished gold finish. By burnished I mean a lot of black in it, giving the illusion of it feeling more antique.

Your Frames

Frames are ALWAYS a splendid way of adding a little change to your rooms. Adding gold frames to some of your accent tables is so inviting. Creating a wall gallery with different types of gold frames is spectacular, especially in your entryway or over your couch or sofa. And let's not forget about your night stands, or bathroom vanity, or in your office.

Think about how you'd like to stage your frames on an accent table. Do you have space to place a few of them? Stage them at different heights to create interest. If you have some reading books hanging around, use them to prop your frames up.

Your Lamps

Lamps can also completely change the look of a room. What's the first thing you see right now when you walk into your living room? Maybe the sofa? And you probably don't even see your side tables. Adding two lamps to each side of your sofa is all you need to draw your eyes to them rather than your sofa because their metallic.

Your Mirrors

Mirrors by far are one of the most favorited things when it comes to home decor. They come in all different shapes and sizes. People use them for different purposes.

A floor mirror in your bedroom is a gorgeous piece of decor that you can add and their very reasonably priced on Wayfair. Floor mirrors can be one that sits on the floor with a stand, or hung on your wall close to the floor. I love the two shown here.

Home Decor

Gold home decor is absolutely scrumptious. There's just something about them being gold. When I pick up something that's gold, it brings an automatic feeling of warmth to my hands. They bring warmth to my heart when looking at them.

Gold home decor can make other colors just pop like with accent pillows. Accent pillows alone can bring a lot of texture into a room, but when put together with gold one's the texture really pops.

Whenever I'm looking at home decor, I think of it having multiple purposes. Yes it's beautiful, but what else can I do with it? Like with the birdcage. This could also be a planter with a plant put inside of it.

Think about your other rooms. A simple gold serving tray just sitting on your counter with maybe a few glasses on it, or a few coffee mugs that you know are going to get used right up. Your bath, why not have just simple hand lotion and soap dispensers? And what about this gorgeous Chanel artwork? This would be gorgeous over your bed.

Free Printables

Speaking of artwork? I have some beautiful pieces that you can frame in 8 1/2" x 11" frames. All you need to do is print them.

I sized these to fit into a 5" x 7" frame.

How gorgeous would something like this be in your kitchen? Simple shelves with various artwork. I love this ideas of bringing pastels into your kitchen. How about using my images above for artwork?

No matter how or where you choose to add gold to your home, it's going to be warm and inviting. It's going to be gorgeous with all the pastel colors your adding. And will certainly bring you years of happiness.

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