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Hints of French Country Color in a Room

Barely Pale Blue and A Dusting of Pink


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Hints of Color in a Room

Barely Pale Blue & A Dusting of Pink

When we think of adding color - most often we think of painting. Although giving things a fresh coat of paint is always a splendid idea, painting an entire space is not entirely necessary. Often, when we think of painting wonderful finds, we tend to refrain when their old or antique pieces. Giving these types of things a coat of paint can enhance their beauty, especially when given a light distressing.

Very old wall candle sconces are an example of this sweet makeover. Rather than leaving them in a heavy black metal look, or brass making them feel out of place in our French Country homes filled with lot's of white and distressed furniture and home decor, consider painting them in a gorgeous barely blue or dustring of pink. How spectacular would these be on your wall, old pieces given a new modern life.

Painting an old side table or set of dining chairs in crisp white, lightly distressing and given a touch of barely blue or dusting of pink with dry brushing is a simple way of adding subtle color to a space.

Quite often, color is better added in small doses rather than in larger one's, like in painting the walls of a room.

Now I'm talking about adding barely blue and a dusting of pink to your spaces, but really any pastel color is divine - especially this time of the year. So think about using a very light yellow, or green in your decor.

Adding color in decorative pillows and bedding is a very simple way of adding color to your bedroom.

Decorative pillows, antique table lamp and simple blue books to accessorize your space.

Your kitchen is a room where you can get a little bit creative with unexpected details like seen here in the back splash. Something that's very simple to do, yet adds a huge impact to the space. This could be in your bathroom as well.

Adding subtle pops of pastels in flowers is one of my favorite things to do. When buying artificial flowers to use in your decor, use them in the same way that you would use them if they were real flowers. If their flowers that you would cut, place in a vase. If their flowers that would grow from let's say, bulbs - then add them to a container with moss covering the top.

I know that whatever way you choose to add pastels to your home this spring will be gorgeous.

So to sum up everything we've talked about, continue being on the lookout for those unique antique pieces, discover the beauty in decorative pillows through all of the different fabrics that are used, consider artificial flowers in your home if your not big in planting bulbs or real flowers in containers, think about unique ways of adding color like in books, or a backsplash.

Depending on the pastel colors you choose, they could last you well into the fall - making them not just a spring thing.

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