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French Country Home Needs


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Home Decor Accessories Every

French Country Home Needs


I LOVE trays! I use them throughout my home - mostly to create vignettes in. Trays however can be used for anything such as serving food or drinks, storing books in, or as a bed tray.

The wonderful thing about French Country style is that there's so many different types of trays that you could use. My favorite one's are antique silver one's because there often very decorative and simply gorgeous.

I also love wood trays, some with a hint of metal on them. In looking for these, I often try to find one's that look like the wood is aged a bit. Dough bowls are perfect for this.


With our love of French Country decorating, antique candle sticks are reminiscent of the old one's that adorned the castles in France - often made of heavy brass. Thankfully we can still enjoy this style today with one's made of resin, making them very affordable.

Candle and candlesticks are not just for late night dinners. They are fabulous decor accessories you can tuck into lots of other decor. Use them on your mantel, in your book case or in vignettes that I especially love.


I love vases and often collect them - small, tall, wide-mouth, glass, ceramic and more! Antique white milk glass vases are my favorite and I have a huge love for using antique bottles as vases.

Think about how gorgeous three would be clustered together with spring flowers of different sorts in them this time of year. Then go with whatever else the season brings. Not only are they functional, but their gorgeous as well - voila, art!


Please, when your shopping for home decor or when your just out browsing - don’t overlook bowls that like vases, can be strictly functional or used as art when nestled together.

Here are ways to accessorize a room with bowls, big and small in your home…

  • stack them for visual height
  • use them in a vignette
  • keep a bowl next to your bedside to put jewelry in
  • make a bowl a little container for succulents or other small plants
  • use them to perch on a stack of books


Mixing real organic greenery in with your faux flowers is absolutely gorgeous and adds a sense of organic to the faux.

Faux ones that truly resemble an actual flower can be a little pricey. This doesn't mean to skip the ones found at the Dollar Store.

Maybe you've seen these. Balls covered in green moss. Their popular to decorate with and incredibly easy to make. Using a few in a bowl is how I like to use these, especially now in Spring.


Using mirrors in your rooms can not only be an added gorgeous piece of decor, but they also make the room appear larger when used correctly.

In your living room, adding a rectangular mirror over your sofa would make the room appear larger. The same is true if you added a rectangular mirror over a sideboard in your dining area, or over your bed.


Chandeliers are a must have in your home. They can be incredibly gorgeous, especially the one's resembling the old world one's in France. They provide lighting over your dining table and when connected to a dimmer switch - can be modified depending on what's going on.

Having one in your living room is a grand way of welcoming your guests. Having one central one, or two chandelettes over your night stands is a dreamy way of going to bed in the evenings. Using one in your bath is a gorgeous piece of decor to have in a small space.

I prefer crystal chandeliers, but you may decide to use simple metal chandeliers in your home.

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