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Friday 12/7/2018

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A few rules to follow when creating your Collections.

1. Be Selective

You do not have to include every item that fits in the category that your displaying.

2. Your collection does not have to be exactly the same.

Only 4 bottles are being used on this table. However if you notice, they aren’t all bottles. There is one cloche with the Eiffel tower in it, and one bottle (on the plates) that is open on the bottom. So is the bottle without a bottom technically still a bottle? I’m not sure. But the cloche is definitely not a bottle, but it goes well with our collection here.

3. Be flexible - allow your creativity to work for you in building a collection.

The cloche and the bottle without a bottom are just random pieces picked up at a thrift store, but work with this collection.

4. Add something unexpected.

Interest was added with the Eiffel tower and the sheet music inside of these thrift store finds.

5. Vary heights

All of the items in this collection are varying heights. This adds visual interest opposed to everything being the same height and size. You can always use things to rise different pieces like with books.

6. Spread your collection throughout the space.

Don't limit your collection to one area.  Use additional pieces unique to your collection in other places.


If you have room for one, a gorgeous hutch would be welcomed in your bath.

A very simple way of creating a collection in your bath, gorgeous silver and glass pieces.

Creating a collection of all the same colored dinnerware is a way of creating a spectacular collection.

Adding just a hint of color in your all white tableware is a gorgeous way of displaying the pieces.

Your collection certainly doesn't need to be just antique pieces.

I absolutely love antique tableware with color. Although rare, you can find pieces like this at your local thrift store.

I love these two collections done in red. This could be an idea for incorporating a color you love throughout your home.

Create simple collections with items you already have. Bring them out and display them rather than keeping them behind cupboard doors.

I love this way of displaying your tableware. Arranging them like this in an antique crate or box is a wonderful way of displaying your collection.

I absolutely love this idea and strongly encourage you to take part in celebrating each season and holiday.

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