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How to Have a Spotless Home in 3 Steps


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How to Have a Spotless Home in 3 Steps

Many of us have our own ways to clean our homes and in my opinion, if your home is clean - that's all that matters.

However when we're able to pick up little tricks along the way that makes our cleaning a little faster, or a little better - it's certainly welcomed.

This is how I've always cleaned my home. Some of this you may already do and quite possibly there may be things that you've never thought of.


Begin with cleaning the highest things in each room which would be the ceiling and any ceiling lights.

ON A WEEKLY BASIS use a Swifter Duster, with the handle extended makes cleaning the tops of the walls very easy to remove any dust or cob webs that mysteriously appeared.

Also, if you see any little "kitties" on the ceiling, you can get rid of those as well. NEVER wash your ceiling. If you do - plan on repainting it. It's a flat paint and no flat paint does well with water on it.

Let's move on to our happy cleaning of ceiling lights. ON A WEEKLY BASIS, just go over your ceiling lights with your swifter as your doing the ceiling. This also includes your ceiling fans. Clean underneath the blades, around the light fixtures and up inside the glass of the light fixtures.

ONCE A MONTH, clean the entire light or fan with your favorite cleaner, I use Murphy's Oil which is wonderful for wood, floors and anything else. Take the glass shades off and wash in the sink with dish detergent. If you have a crystal chandelier, using a dry micro fiber cloth, go over each crystal - as well as the light itself.

The easiest way of cleaning a crystal chandelier is to remove all the crystals so you can "wash" the body of the light and then clean each crystal with a micro fiber cloth. If you have different size crystals on your light, take a picture of it so you'll know where the crystals go.


ONCE A MONTH, thoroughly clean each piece of furniture with a cleaner meant for wood and other materials, such as Murphy's Oil. If you have any antique furniture with beautiful turned legs, or an edge on the lip of the table top, use an old soft toothbrush to clean these areas really well. I've found when purchasing antique furniture, that these types of areas are "clogged" with a heavy debris that sometimes I've had to chisel out.

ON A WEEKLY BASIS, you can just go over each piece of furniture with your swifter duster, especially around the legs or feet.


Now onto our beautiful floors. EVERY DAY I always start with vacuuming my floors as this will get most of the dust bunnies and loose debris. After vacuuming, I go over the entire floors with my floor swifter. While doing this, I'll also swifter underneath any furniture.

I just switched to extra large swifters meant for pet fur - good for my 8 little babies, but you can also use it on your floors. Not only do these do a better job, but the laster longer. Many of times I don't swifter up that much, so I'll hang it to use the next day.

I love coming into my home after it's been cleaned, either weekly or especially monthly. This is often when I get my decorating grove on!

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