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How to have French Country Glam in 3 Simple Steps


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How to have French Country Glam in 3 Simple Steps


1. Adding SOFT COLORS to a room

A very rustic french farmhouse living room made glam with a little more than a hint of pink.

Do the same thing in your home with a gorgeous pair of blush pink, dusty greyish blue, or a beautiful greyish purple draperies. Then add a gorgeous upholstered coffee table in the same color. Very simple with a huge impact into making your room French Country Glam.

A much lighter shade of pink seen here in these gorgeous draperies puddled to the floor with the gold accent chairs making it simply glam.

Balancing the right amount of color in a space can have a huge impact. The room almost become oblivious because your eye is drawn to the color.

Just a small amount of color is all that's needed. However if your doing a floral arrangement, make sure it's large and lush like seen here. PS: The gold coffee table helps as well.

2. Large CHANDELIERS added to rooms

This living room screams French Country glam with the hint of pink on the couch and the huge crystal chandelier above. Then lot's of metallics are seen in the small coffee table, the large mirrors, the side tables and the lamps - perfect blend of silver and gold.

No room is ever complete without a crystal chandelier, especially when it's a large one. The chandelier is doing all the work here with the gorgeous simple furniture.

Think about using a large chandelier in any of your rooms.

Ahh...two brilliant large chandeliers in this dining room. Absolutely stunning and glamorous! Notice still, very simple furniture.

3. ACCESSORIZING your spaces in a glam way

How stunning is this desk area with the gorgeous antique desk with gold embellishments and the artwork? So simple.

Aside from artwork in your office, how about a stunning antique ink well holder? This in addition to the furniture makes this space French Country glam.

How gorgeous is this antique floor mirror? Absolutely exquisite! But how likely are we to stumble across one of these? Well I have a solution for making one for not a lot of money.


  • 2 inexpensive floor mirrors in plastic or wood
  • 2 shades of gold spray paint - one lighter and one darker
  • Epoxy
  • Newspaper
  • Scotch Tape

A very simple project to do and once leaning against one of your walls, who's going to know the difference.

I hope that you found lot's of enjoyment in this and experience a little French Country Glam in at least one of your rooms!

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