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Just a Few More Gifts

Thursday 12/13/2018

· Christmas

Every present evokes emotion in the experience of gifting. No true gift comes from an instinct buy, no gift is proper without the element of surprise, without joy and emotion involved. Christmas builds on this magical feeling and encourages one to share smiles, joy and gifts in a fairy-tale like setting.

Just 1 week away from the most glorious holiday we have.

Everyone's working, trying to finish up some shopping after work and on the weekends. I get - I've been there and sometimes you feel like there's just not enough time to finish everything.

I want to ease your mind with a few gifts for under $20.00

For that person on your list who loves wine. Simply buy them a new wine bottle stopper with some new wine glasses, find a beautiful basket (maybe at the Dollar Tree) and some shredded paper. Simply put the wine glasses in it with the bottle stopper and you have a spectacular gift. Don't forget - you can buy beautiful cut glass wine glasses at the Dollar Tree.

For that person on your list that just loves plants. Purchase a gorgeous basket and artificial topiary, place the potted topiary in the basket and give just like this with maybe a beautiful bow tied onto the topiary.

A little more than $20.00, but a gorgeous gift for the one who loves candles like me. Again, purchase a simple basket with shredded paper and place your candle holders and candles in it. Fabulous gift.

These gifts are from Target for that special person who's all about style. Grey is one of the most neutral colors. So regardless of what their wearing for a coat, get them beautiful winter ware.

For that special friend who you know is a home body and loves hunkering down for the winter. Buy them a cozy top and sweatpants, roll them up and place in a basket with shredded paper. I bet they won't be expecting this.

For the friend who loves scrapbooking. Simply buy them a pad of Christmas Paper and maybe a few Christmas stickers or embellishments.

For the friend who loves cooking. Buy them a new gorgeous colander - cooking utensils and hand towels. Simply roll the towels and place in the colander with the utensils placed inside. Imagine the look on their face.

One mug - one Sharpie with endless possibilities. Search the internet for inspiration for your friend.

The most comfy slipper you know your friend will love with a few of your favorite body creams and nail polishes stuffed inside.

Ready to print on 8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock

The cutest gift tags. Just print and cut out.

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