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Laying Down Gorgeous

French Country Spring Color


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Laying Down Gorgeous

French Country Spring Color

I'm excited to share all the gorgeous colors of spring with you, with a little in debt visions of how you can use them.

French Country is very relaxed but this time of year, it's even more relaxed. I think of kicking my muddy clogs off at the door to make my way for a glass of water. Breathing in a huge breath of fresh air. I forgot how many weeds are out there. I think I'll do a bit more and come in to lay down for a bit.

A Touch of French Country Blue for You

What is it about the color blue in the spring? We all love French Country so we're use to seeing very pale shades of this color.

Maybe it's because it's used with other beautiful colors like lilacs, or hints of pinks seen in Peonies and Roses, or even a simple pillow.

It's not only Robins Egg Blue that we love, but also French Blue.

Very pale shades of these colors would be beautiful on walls, accessories and even on furniture. It's up to you on how much blue you'd like to be bathed in.

Use these gorgeous colors when you come into your home. Don't forget - blue is a very soothing color so sprinkling it throughout your home will make guests feel so welcomed and not wanting to leave.

Use an old style wood chair in your entry with a bucket of fresh lilacs next to it. Place a small blue lumbar pillow against the back of the chair for a touch of blue.

Simple barely blue bedding is always a delight to get into at night, especially with lot's of white and the covers turned down at night.

Blue sheets in any type of fabric are perfect - don't forget - the more their used and washed, the more beautiful they become.

How about all white bedding with a gorgeous blue throw blanket at the foot of the bed.

A gorgeous french country blue throw blanket would be just as beautiful on your white slipcovered sofa.

A gorgeous antique dresser painted in just a hint of blue is the masterpiece in this bedroom.

You don't need an antique piece to enjoy this color in a large piece of furniture. Hop on over to my Tutorial page to see how you can paint new furniture.

All of these things you can do very easily.

I love this shade of blue and it works beautifully here with all the white in the front entrance.

See how gorgeous it looks with pink? Now you might want to keep this to your own little area because if your married - your husband might not care for it all of the house. Instead, use white peonies and roses.

Just two pillows are used to bring these colors in. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the different textures.

A simple French Blue vase with silk blue hydrangeas - perfect.

I hope you've enjoyed all the ways we can use blue this year in decorating for spring. Blue is actually my favorite color so I use it a lot throughout the year. But I've truly been inspired here in seeing it grouped with other colors.

Pale Yellow and Grey

A Classic Color Combination

Use gorgeous pale yellow and grey decorative pillows in your living room and in your bedroom. Something simple that you can do to change the appearance of your spaces.

Adding a gorgeous pale grey chunky knit throw is perfect for your sofa or at the end of your bed. The absolute perfect piece for cozying up and taking a nap.

All of our rooms should have this gorgeous pale yellow and grey color palette and often, using silver in place of grey is a wonderful thing - especially when it's gorgeous silver.

This pendant is a little expensive being slightly over $200.00, but I think it's well worth it. What is your kitchen mainly consumed with? Cabinets. So why not add a piece of glamour in a light fixture such as this. Something like this will immediately smooth all those hard edges of the cabinets and create a focal point for the entire space.

These types of light fixtures for when your looking for pendants for over your kitchen island, but only have one light source in the ceiling. This particular one is absolutely stunning.

I love this light because of the vintage style lamp shades and the center of the light being quite unique.

I really like this pendant as well with the simple lines and the large shades. Having large shades contribute a lot to the amount of light it will give over your kitchen island. White will extrude the light down onto the surface, while darker colors hold the light inside of the shade.

One thing that I will advise you against using is clear glass on any of your lighting. One, it's not functional because the clear glass makes working under it very glary and if you look up, your going to be somewhat blinded for a couple seconds.

How beautiful is this tablecloth. I'm in love with it. This might be a homemade piece, but I'm sure there's lots of yellow and grey tablecloths for you to choose from.

How gorgeous is a simple container filled with beautiful forsentias?

If choosing to use pale yellow and grey in your home this spring, choose things wisely. I know it's tempting to start collecting every yellow and grey things you see, but pay close attention to the color of them. Finding very pale yellow objects is not as easy as you might think.

French Country Blue and Yellow

Think Laura Ashley

French Blue is a color of its own. It's loaded with a ton of grey making it the most gorgeous shade of blue there is. Because this doesn't fall under your typical blues, it can be difficult finding things to decorate your home. For example if you can't find a vase for your new spring florals, then use something else with small french country blue pieces around it.

Lavishing yourself in this sumptuous color is a blessing because seating is not easy to find. I love these pieces that I've put together with the coordinating draperies. These would be gorgeous in a living room with cream, or white upholstered pieces.

Antique, or satin gold is the magic key in adding to this gorgeous color palette.

Antique or satin gold goes beautifully with French Country blue. It certainly plays off the yellow decorative pillows.

Remember, round coffee tables are perfect for creating conversations. Rectangular tables are gorgeous as well because they follow the length of a sofa or couch. If your using a rectangular table, think about using arm chairs on either side of it in addition to the sofa.

Your kitchen is filled with cabinetry and perfect for adding lot's of French Country blue into this space. Even if you have new cabinets, think about painting them to add drastic change to your kitchen in an elegant way.

Using either a granite or quartz countertop with streaks of earth tones is perfect in this kitchen, or a kitchen you'll create.

Because French Country blue is such a dreamy and tranquil color, it's no mystery on how it can be used in your bedroom. Take your time in finding the perfect bedding and not get frustrated because this is a unique color and might take you a bit of time to find the perfect pieces.

I absolutely love worn and faded linens and I'm almost 100% sure that these cotton pieces are so incredibly soft and cozy.

So when you find that perfect bedding, wash and dry them a billion times to create this look.

This is a beautiful look in adding a touch of dark French Country blue onto your bed.

A mixture of blues and pinks in these gorgeous vintage pillow cases.

French Country Barely Pink

Barely pink has become the one all time favorite for all who love French Country. Practically any photo you see will have pink flowers in it. It's a color that works beautifully with other colors like blue, yellow and green. So when using pink throughout your home, your not limited to other color that you can use with it.

What more can I say than a huge bouquet of pink peonies.

Look how gorgeous pink plays into all of this white. I love the two blue and green glass bottles that play off the background color of the painting.

Pink doesn't need to be over the top. A simply container filled with fresh pink flowers is all you need in adding a touch of spring.

Old chippy pink furniture is a blessing to have in our homes. Yes it might be a rickety chair or table, but it's more about the looks of the piece rather than it being a stable piece of furniture. So the next time your out garage saling and you find an old piece that's been painted, pick it up and use it as is (after a thorough cleaning).

How gorgeous are these palest of pinks used on everything.

Adding a gorgeous pink armchair to your living room is like heaven, especially if it's extra cozy.

Pink and grey is a gorgeous combination and is one that can be used throughout your home. For side tables, night stands and coffee tables - think antique silver, or a matte silver. Use lot's of decorative pillows in both pink and grey with different textures.

Using grey with pink could mean using the palest of greys. Notice the difference between using a dark shade of grey and this palest grey.

Now I don't know if I've shared this with you yet, but I have an unprofound love for velvet. Decorative velvet opposed to upholstery velvet - two completely different materials. And when you have a velvet pillow cover over a feather insert - you'll never want to leave the house.

What Would Spring be Without Purple

Am I mistaking that lilacs are the flowers of spring? These have got to be the most beautiful and delicate flowers with the most gorgeous aroma. Just cascading these throughout your home in all sorts of vases and containers is a sure way of welcoming spring.

Then using them with lots of other spring favorites in a centerpiece is perfect for your dining table. Remember how we learned how to make arrangements?

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