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Melamine Outdoor Tableware


French Country Melamine Outdoor Tableware

Whether your off to the beach, or spending time at your home outdoors, melamine tableware has made it's come back in a huge way.

I always knew that melamine plates were something from the 70's, but never knew how gorgeous they have become today.


Set $106.00

Beautiful for dining outdoors with lush green trees surrounding you, a favorite old farmhouse style table and your favorite chairs.

Set $94.00

Melamine Platters - Set of 4 $34.00

Melamine Platters Set of 4 $34.00


$43.00 for 12 piece dinner set

Introduce solar hanging lights to your back yard simply hung amongst the trees. Perfect ambient lighting in the evening.

$36.00 for 12 piece dinner set

Use beautiful melamine silverware with your new melamine dinnerware.

$25.00 for 12 piece place setting

As you can see, these dinner settings have come a long ways. These are the dishes you want outdoors. Forget your regular tableware, or fancy china ware because although gorgeous - you want to have a good time without worrying that a plate was dropped.

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