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Mother's Day

A mother and her daughter, or son are gifts from God. None understands a child like their mother. Even now at 51 years old, my Mom will call if there's something wrong.

A mother is someone who we should celebrate just for being her.

My Mom has everything under the sun and she never asks for anything because she'll just buy what she wants herself.

This year I'll make her a gorgeous arrangement in a bowl with floral foam so it's the easiest for her to take care of.

I believe this is the hardest type of Mom to buy for and I've come up with some thoughts as to what you could buy for a Mom like this, or for any Mom.

These are examples of thinking outside the box

  • A small beautiful dish with a large heart on it to remind her of you every evening she places the jewelry she wears everyday.

Heart Pasta Bowel $32.00 Wayfair

Each piece of Julia Knight is a unique, handmade sculptural work of art sand-cast by hand in high-grade, food-safe aluminum; each is hand-painted with special color enamel that is mixed with crushed mother of pearl. Due to the handmade process by skilled artisans, small variations may occur in the material, coloring and or finish of the product adding to its natural beauty. Hand washes with warm water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly and immediately after washing to avoid water spots, each piece is hot and cold food safe; avoid putting in the oven or freezer.

1.25'' H x 4'' W x 3.75''

Whitechapel Beaded Heart Soap Dish $11.99

1.6'' H x 5.6'' W x 3.7'' D

  • Does she like creams for her face and hands? New containers would be perfect in one of her bathroom colors.

Wow - same as the dish for her jewelry. Whitechapel Beaded Heart Soap & Lotion Dispenser $15.99 Wayfair

Culberson Birds Soap & Lotion Dispenser $24.99 Wayfair

This is so feminine and beautiful. If Mom has green, blue, or yellow in her bathroom - this would be perfect.

  • Does she like tea? You could purchase her an antique tea cup (at a thrift store), a small pitcher for milk and a small dish for sugar - a small  tray wouldn't hurt either. This way she can make her tea, then take her small tray to the table to enjoy her tea (everything's in one place)

The only place that I know of to get gorgeous pieces like these are at thrift stores. Tea cups and saucers are usually in abundance. However the creamer and sugar container might be a hunt.

Horne Round Accent Tray $28.99 Wayfair

0.5" H x 10" W x 10" D

  • If your Mom prefers coffee, you'd simply swap out the elegant tea cup and saucer for a coffee mug. 
  • Does she like baths or showers? Beautiful scented soaps are perfect for if she takes a bath and beautiful scented shower washes are just as devine.

This product looks absolutely divine to me. They have these scrumptious pieces for the bath, lotions and shower gels. These are only a few of their scents. $10.00 Walmart

Flowers are one of the most precious gifts you can give your Mom, whether handmade or store bought - just make sure their gorgeous!

Creating a homemade Mother's Day floral arrangement

Start with a decorative cardboard box. Then purchase floral foam and 2 dozen roses.


Many people go to the grocery store to pick up flowers for Mom and this is fine, there's not necessarily a need to go to a florist and spend $60.00 for an arrangement when you can make one yourself.

Please don't go to the grocery store to buy a bundle of flowers to give to your Mom. After you buy the bouquet that you love, head on over to the Dollar Tree and purchase a vase and some twine, then go home. Bring your flowers, vase and twine in, then go outside around your yard and cut a bunch of greenery from trees. Try to get a variety of greenery.

NOW THE FUN BEGINS. Your arrangement is going to have several types of flowers in it. The main flower or flowers, a cluster of flowers usually slightly shorter, some even shorter flowers and maybe a few sprigs of green.

Fill your vase half with water and put a pinch of sugar into it. You'll build the entire bouquet in your hand starting with the tallest predominant flowers - usually one or two.

Take the first cluster of flowers and gather them around the center flowers and in between them.

Now take the smallest grouping of flowers and work them around what you currently have in your hand.

Now you should have a beautiful arrangement in your hand just needing to become gorgeous. Place this bouquet into your vase as it is in your hand.

Take the clippings of greenery and begin making your arrangement lush.

Take a grouping of your greenery and snip them rather short, maybe 8" and place them around the center of your arrangement. Keep filling it in so it looks full.

Take another grouping of your greenery, place one in the vase to determine where to cut it. These will go along the outside of your vase tucked into the smallest flowers. These should be about the same height as your smallest flowers. You'll cut a lot of these using the first one as a guide as to how short to make it.

Take another grouping of greenery (maybe you need to make another trip outdoors), place one into the vase and cut even shorter than the last grouping of greenery. Cut a lot of these. Place these in last around your vase.

Now you should have a gorgeous floral arrangement that's full with cascading greenery on the outside.

Imagine how your floral arrangement would look without all the greenery. Very skimpy and bare.

So the next time you need to make a floral arrangement, think about these two gorgeous floral arrangements that you can make on your own for very little cost.

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