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My Obsession with Pastels


· French Country,Decorating

Now anyone who knows me, knows that once I start a new thing - I become a bit obsessed with it. This is how I've been feeling about Spring. I'm obsessed with it getting here sooner than later. I can envision there being only rain with no snow and jumping in the puddles. I can see the flowers just beginning to peak their little heads out. On sunny days, I want to feel the sun on my face.

Are you starting to see my obsession a little bit? It was certainly here when I curated this idea board with nothing but pink.

  • This photo of France is what inspired me to write this article.
  • Are you looking for a new chair for your office - how beautiful would this be.
  • This white lamp is perfect for any room of your home.
  • Antique style gold nesting tables perfect in your living room with a simple container filled with fresh roses or artificial ones. 
  • This bedroom is so refreshing with the gorgeous peonies in a simple glass container and the vintage floral pillowcases. 
  • The perfect pink pitcher for your kitchen counter,  just fill with tall branches like these cherry blossoms.
  • Adding things to your foyer like a container or vase filled with gorgeous pink flowers on a small table, or a gorgeous pink pillow on your bench. If you have furniture in your foyer, think of simple touches you can add to bring a fresh pop of color to the space.
  • This is one of my favorite shades of blue and how gorgeous would these linen napkins be on your dining table? 
  • My absolute favorite, down filled pink velvet pillow.

I have a slight love for down filled pillows. These are the only types of pillows I have in my home and if you've never had one, you simply don't know what your missing out on. It's hard to describe the feeling of them, other than being incredibly plush and contouring to however your lying on it. Their incredibly comfortable and if lying on your sofa with one, you'll want to take it to bed with you. I can't speak enough about these pillows.

What other things can we do now to add a little color to our homes?

It's February and spring is in April, so we have another month of possibly very cold weather and maybe snow. So we're almost there. Pink is a color I love using year round, so my home always has touches of pink in it. The shade of blue that I talked about above with the linen napkins is one of my favorite shades of blue, other than barely blue. So with this said, I wouldn't mind using this color throughout my home as well.


Let's just think about how easy it is to add a spritz of pink to our living rooms. As you can see here, we have a ceramic pitcher with gorgeous cherry blossoms and a few pink pillows.

How excited do you get when you find what you want for very little money? I'd do cart-wheels if I could.

I love how everything in this living room belongs together. The wall color is a barely green that's the perfect back drop for all of the furniture. The beautiful barely blue velvet sofa is perfect for this space and plays off of the wallpaper color. The fireplace is the focal point and the decor on the side boards plays off of this. My favorite thing is the pillows. I love the floral pattern that's perfect this time of year for adding pops of color.

If you want to get your SEWING GROVE on - here's some gorgeous pillows that my friend Courtney made.

The one's on the left are the finished pillows. The vibrant one on the right is the actual fabric. She used the back of the fabric for her finished pillows.

Such a simple way of adding change to your living room with a bit of color. This is rather simple, but is gorgeous at the same time. I love how the pink pattern is slightly raised above the cream background.

Think of using round pillows to mix in with your standard square pillows. And do you see what I see? A gorgeous antique pitcher with gorgeous flowers in it.

We've been talking a lot about pink and barely blue, but purple is certainly not a color to be overlooked when your looking for a soft palette.

I'm absolutely crazy about putting gold against any pastel color. Their gorgeous together. I would definitely stay with an antique gold finish rather than bright gold plated.

I love each of these lamps because they give a feeling of freshness. The wood ones with their gorgeous painted finishes and neutral shades. The glass one is beautiful as well and I love the burlap shade on it.

Any of these would be gorgeous in your living room now for a touch of white.

I love vintage wood cabinets. Their just not replaceable and should be showcased in our kitchens. I love the barely green used on these against the crisps white cabinets and backsplash.

This is something you could easily do on the weekend. Just get a gallon of paint, a brush and a roller and your off and running.

How gorgeous is this old metal pitcher in this shade of barely turquoise. It's so different and the added artificial flower make it feel even more perfect.

I love this kitchen. I love how they've added old world charm to an otherwise standard kitchen.

If your not feeling the need to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can still add glimpse of color in your hand towels. I know, how simple is that, but people often overlook these simple things.

I'm in love with this old metal pail that's been painted in a barely blue paint and then distressed. These are artificial greenery and look how beautiful they look.

This kitchen is so quaint with the very barely pink walls and all the small touches of pink. I love the antique tea cups and saucers, and the vintage pink metal tray in the back. This is something you could easily do as well.

omg - how gorgeous are these drapes. Full length pleated pink drapes - it doesn't get any better than this. And look, their on gold curtain rods.

I absolutely love this barely peach shower curtain with the pom-poms at the top and bottom. This small burnished brass is the perfect piece for this bathroom.

We're talking about pastels today. When choosing a pastel, it's really up to you and what you love. Maybe you don't like pink and would rather have a barely green in your home. Perfectly fine. This color is just as gorgeous as barely pink. You know your home better than anyone and you especially know the feeling you want it to have.

Your bedroom is the perfect room to add lot's of color in the pastel color you've chosen. I love the different fabric prints here that give so much textural movement to the space.

Again, mix of pattern - gorgeous. You can do this. Just buy a gorgeous set of floral sheets. Pick a color in them and find a print that you love in that color for your drapes.

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