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Outdoor Swing Bench


Outdoor French Country Swing Bench

I absolutely adore outdoor swing benches. As a matter of fact, I was going to make one from an old crib frame when we were thinking of moving to Florida. I could envision exactly how it would be - thick mattress or cushion and lot's of shabby chic blankets on it. If you have lots of trees in your backyard, or a large farmers porch - this might just be what you've been waiting for. Let's take a look at some.

This is a gorgeous store - bought bench and as you can see, a plethora of pillows have been added with a throw blanket for those chilly nights.

This may be handmade because of the simple frame underneath with ballasts for arms and a simple flat back rest. I absolutely love this.

There's nothing wrong if you decide to hang your swing bed in one of your large porches. It's still devine.

Another store - bought one made of wicker and decorated oh-so shabby chic, also French Country.

I love this bench because the back is unique with the slats - reminding me of an old fence.

How gorgeous would this be in your back yard? It's the size of a full size bed, perfect when you have guests over because people can sit on either side and the absolute best place this summer for taking naps.

This is a perfect example of a handmade swing bed. Just simply made attaching two pallets together really well, the rope goes through the pallets - then secured from a healthy sturdy branch. Voila - you have an outdoor swing bed. Now buy your mattress.

This is a twin size. If you want a full size, simple attach four pallets together.

This swing bed makes me sleepy just looking at it. Look at how cozy all the bedding looks. I'm guessing this is fall because the trees are very bare and there's a faux fur blanket on the bed.

If you'd like to build a swing, or a bed on your own, just look out for a few pallets.


  • Two pallets for a swing bench, or
  • Four pallets for a wing bed
  • 2" Decking Screws
  • Piece of wood length and height of one of the sides of one of your pallets - have Home Depot or you local hardware store cut it for you.
  • Eye Screws
  • Heavy-duty rope

Lay your pallets down on the ground and line up to one another.

Screw your board to one of the sides on one of your pallets.

Place this side against the second pallette. Reach inside of the two pallets and screw them together.

Now screw your eye screws to each corner of both pallets. Measure in 3" from both sides of the corner to place your eye screw.

Now your ready to secure the rope to your bench, going through each of the eye hooks and then to the tree.

Place a your roll of rope up and over the tree branch that you'll be using. Measure the height from your tree branch down to where you think you'd like your swing bench to be.

Turn your benches onto their side with the eye screws facing you. Take one end of the rope and place through the eye hook and tie into a efty knot. Continue doing this on the same side for the remaining three eye screws.

Now with one side attached to the tree, you'll turn the other side of your pallets up to tie the rope to this side.


The two pallets together is going to be very heavy, so you'll need some help to raise the pallets up and held while one person ties off the knots to this side.


Now your ready to purchase a cushion for your swing bench, or a mattress for your swing bed.

Just a note: Ikea has very inexpensive mattresses.

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