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You'll know it when you find it. A gorgeous vintage piece of furniture that needs a touch of love.

We're talking about APPLIQUES to make your pieces even more gorgeous than their original features.

There are so many ways of using APPLIQUES. Some are super simple and some are a little more work. But you know what they say about putting a little more effort into something.

You can purchase one's made of a very thin wood just about anywhere, including on Amazon.

With wood APPLIQUES, you can cut them to create your own shapes. You can take two of the same one's and paint them, making them appear totally different. These APPLIQUES only need to be glued to your piece.

There's also plastic garden edge fencing.

Because garden edge fencing can be a bit larger than normal APPLIQUES, it's best to use on large pieces like a headboard.

Then there's the possibility of making your own using molds. These can be bought at your local craft store, or Amazon has even greater a selection.

Using a mold

Materials Needed -


You don’t want to use the paper clay right out of the packaging! Roll it around in your fingers a little to soften it up. But don’t roll too much, or else it will stick to the silicone clay mold! 🙂


What I like about using these is that it’s something you can do right from your kitchen table. And because they’re easy to make, you can do a bunch of them at a time. All you do is push the clay into the mold, making sure it’s even and flat. You can use a knife to cut away any excess and to smooth it out. I just lumped it in there and waited until afterward to cut away the excess.

As soon as you’ve got in there firmly, remove it immediately. Especially if you’re making a lot, this will allow you to make a bunch in a short period of time.


As I mentioned above, it’s probably easier to remove as much of the excess that you can before pulling out the mold, especially on the back, otherwise, your mold may not lie flat if you have a hunk of clay bulging up! LOL

I did it the opposite way and left some of the extra clay so that it was easier to pull out. Then I used an X-Acto knife to remove it. But next time, I’d recommend scraping some of the clay away first.

Once all the excess is removed, they should look similar to this (but probably better if you knead the clay longer than I did! LOL).


….or stain them, or whatever you want to do to them. They don’t have to be totally dry. In fact, you want to move quickly on decorating them and adding them to your project because once they dry, they’re more likely to crack. So decorate them now!

Dark wax or stain looks really good on them because they have so many details!

STEP 5: Glue them to your piece

Using a bit of wood glue, you can simply attach them to your piece. If your piece isn't laying flat, than after you've applied your glue and attached to your piece, use a piece of painters tape to hold it in place.

Making Your Own Appliques

This is a large APPLIQUE that we'll be making here, however you can make it smaller with fewer flowers.

Materials -

Rusian Ceramic Dough Recipe: 

5 cups of cornstarch

4 cups of white glue

2 cups of water

3 tablespoons of lemon juice

3 tablespoons of baby oil

1 tablespoon of hand lotion, for kneading the dough.

Combine glue, water, lemon juice, and baby oil in top of a double boiler, and mix with a wooden spoon until dissolved. Add 4 cups of cornstarch little by little stirring constantly until it is dissolved and without lumps. Bring the water to a boil. Stir once and awhile. Cook until the dough starts to separate from the pot. Remove from heat. Put the dough on a working surface, add a little of the cornstarch if the dough is sticky. Put lotion in your hands and keep working until the dough is soft. You don't need to use the whole cup of cornstarch-use as needed. Wrap the dough in a plastic bag. Keep covered while using.

The roses: Take a small portion of dough, form a string about 2" long to form the center of the rose.

Form the petals by shaping small portions of dough into little pears and flatten them with your finger. Make about 4 or 5 petals for each rose.

Use a tad of white glue to attach the petals to the middle of the rose.

Work on a wax paper surface where you can place your roses. As you make them, you'll want to glue them together with a tad of white glue.

Let dry on a flat surface. It will take about 2 weeks to dry fully, and will appear yellowish. If in the drying process the roses separate, just glue them back with hot glue.

Glue appliques to surface with wood glue, and paint or paint before attaching it to the surface.

Uses for large APPLIQUES

Using right and left APPLIQUES can be turned to give you different looks.

Using a frame to complete the hand applied touches to your piece is such a great idea.

Use APPLIQUES to hide old screw holes or damage to wood. APPLIQUES can change the shape of furniture and even change the era it may seem to belong to.

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