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Rescue & Restore

I'm a firm believe in rescuing and restoring pieces from our past. A few reasons why I love doing this is because all of the furniture is made to last a lifetime and they quite often have beautiful lines to them with ornate features.

Rescue & Restore

The first catch is finding the pieces which can be a great witch hunt, especially if your working with a small budget. Don't be shy of baddering. The very first thing you'll want to do is clean the piece with dish detergent first to get all the dirt and grime off of the piece. Then you could wash it again with Murphy's Oil Soap, leave on for a bit and then rinse off.

Refinishing it at this point is solely up to you. There are thousands of gorgeous colors you could paint it, as well as hundreds of different finishes you could do.

The most important thing is to refurbish it for you - what you like.

I recently stumbled upon this unbelievable human being that not only follows her true passion in life, but gives back in so many ways.

This is her brand of paint called Rescue Restore Paint. Now I've never been one to follow any particular brand of paint - just the good ol latex paint from Home Depot. When I read what this paint actually does, I was sold. The worst thing when restoring furniture is the prep work - like sanding.

Rescue Restore Paint - 2 oz


A Makers’ Studio Rescue Restore Paint completely transforms furniture and cabinets from drab to fab.

What you’ll love:



Americans throw away 28 million tons of furniture every year. You can stop spending thousands on new furniture and join us in the campaign to rescue and restore instead!

  • No need to spend hours sanding, stripping or priming your surface before painting because you can apply on top of an existing finish.
  • It’s water-based with no VOCs so it’s completely safe to use, even for our littlest family members. Plus... it actually smells great as soon as you open the can!
  • Works on virtually any surface, including wood, glass, resin, melamine, Formica, concrete, iron, stone, and even outdoor furniture and décor.

If your not comfortable with painting furniture, visit my Tutorial on doing this - just scroll down.

Using What You Have

Using what you already have around your home is another wonderful way of restoring. Restoring can be as simple as repainting, or painting something to give it a new life. Maybe you have a set of lamps that you've had for years and getting a bit board with them. Consider painting them.

You know all those old hardcover books you've had for ages and keep telling yourself that your going to drop them off to donate - well hold on for just a minute. Why not restore them to make gorgeous decor for your bookcase. It's really simple and you'll love the end result.

  1. Open the books with the spine up. Try to open them with about the same amount of pages on each side.
  2.  Paint two coats of flat latex paint on each book cover, including the edges. Let the paint dry completely between coats.
  3.  When each coat dries, rub a piece of fine grit sandpaper over the book to knock down any little bumps.

The painted book can be considered done at this point but you might want to put a coat of wax on it. Giving your books a coat of wax makes them feel amazing and they will wear much better.

Now, there's so many other decorative things that you can do with your books.

You could age them a bit with sandpaper and a dark colored ink pad - this one is walnut stain.

You could add these types of embellishments to the binders of them. These can be bought in the scrapbook area of your local craft store. Just glue them on before painting.

You can write a short section of a saying on each books binder so when put together you can read the saying.

Whatever your restoring - be happy and go with the flow of it.

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