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Making a Driftwood Tree

Mondy 12/3/2018

· Winter,Decorating,Christmas,French Country,Tuitorials

Well...I busted out of my winter hibernation today and ventured over to the Dollar Tree where I suddenly became elated with all of the goodies that were waiting for me to find. Although most were in plain sight, I did have to go digging for a few. Everything I bought is for DIY projects that I'll be doing and sharing with you. I did come across some other stuff though that I wanted to share with you because you know - it's ALL ABOUT SAVING THE DOLLAR.


I would have loved to buy the white plates and mugs with the gold trim with the gold chargers, but I already have a place setting of 10.

I love Restoration Hardware and especially love some of the things that there sharing this Christmas season. I've seen these "Driftwood Trees" in the past and was especially delighted to see that RH is selling them. There absolutely gorgeous and will go with any color scheme you have. You can even leave them out all winter. I want to show you how easy these are to make.

This is all you need for materials - styrofoam cone in the size you'd like - maybe multiple sizes, Natural Drift Wood Natural Chips at Hobby Lobby and a glue gun.

When you begin making one of your trees, simply apply a bead of hot glue around the bottom of your styrofoam cone and begin placing the drift wood pieces so the first row is sitting on the surface your working on. You'll continue working in this way - applying a strip - attaching the drift wood pieces till you've reached the top of the cones. You can attach the drift wood pieces anyway you'd like.

Restoration Hardware is selling these for $47 - $119.00 depending on the size.

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