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Making a Faux Fur Blanket

Monday 12/3/2018

· Winter,Decorating,French Country,Christmas,Tuitorials

Well...I busted out of my winter hibernation today and ventured over to the Dollar Tree where I suddenly became elated with all of the goodies that were waiting for me to find. Although most were in plain sight, I did have to go digging for a few. Everything I bought is for DIY projects that I'll be doing and sharing with you.

Do you love faux fur blankets as much as I do, and faux fur pillows as well? I've been seeing them all over the place in all the photo's I collect and really wanted at least one. However when you look at the prices on the really nice one's, it's out of my reach. Now in seeing this one from Restoration Hardware, I told myself that I'm going to make one and then I'll go from there. I'm also going to be definitely making some faux fur pillows to go with a bunch of down inserts that I have.

Before doing anything, determine the size of the blanket you'd like to make - then go buy your fabric. A helpful hint 3 feet = 1 yard.

So you don't have a sewing machine, or your like me - hate to sew? Well there's a solution to this problem - especially when you want something so badly like with these faux fur blankets.

As you can see, I've shown you examples of faux fur and a satin fabric above. I used satin because this is what's used on the finer faux fur blankets. I don't know if the glue will stain the satin, so if you want to use fleece or another soft fabric - go right ahead.

Believe it or not - fabric glue is in fact very durable and it's machine washable. When going with a product like this, I like to stay with a brand that I know and trust - like Aileen's.

Measure and cut your fabric to size. Both the faux fur and the satin fabric.

Now lay them down facing one another and pin all along the edges.

Starting in one corner, remove the pins for approximately 12", lift up one of your pieces of fabric and run a bead of fabric glue on the piece laying on the table as close to the edge as possible. Lay the other piece back down and pin again.

Continue doing this all the way around the blanket. Removing the pins for approximately 12", lifting the top fabric up, running a bead of glue on the fabric laying on the table, then repinning the two fabrics together. Allow to dry based on the instructions on the fabric glue.

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