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Hand Blown Mercury Glass


Monday 12/3/2018

· French Country,Decorating,Winter,Christmas,Tuitorials

Well...I busted out of my winter hibernation today and ventured over to the Dollar Tree where I suddenly became elated with all of the goodies that were waiting for me to find. Although most were in plain sight, I did have to go digging for a few. Everything I bought is for DIY projects that I'll be doing and sharing with you.

These almost appear to gorgeous to hang on a tree, it's like they belong in a shadow box to protect and adore them.

Making these aren't as hard as it may seem.


  • Dark and light either Silver or Gold
  • Crackle medium or
  • White glue
  • Clear glass ornaments

Pour in a thin, even layer of your lighter acrylic paint to the entire surface of the piece. This color is the shade that will peek out through the cracks created later. Let the paint dry thoroughly and apply a second coat for a truly opaque finish, if desired. Wait for the paint to dry completely, at least 12 hours.

Mix crackle medium according to manufacturer's directions in a small plastic bowl or add white school glue to a bowl. Pour the crackle medium or glue into your glass ornament rather sloppily and allow the medium or glue to drip, thicken or sheer out as you work turning the ornament. A solid, even coat of this product makes the crackling look unnatural.

Wait the time recommended by the crackle-medium manufacturer or until the white school glue is almost dry but still a bit sticky.

Pour in your darker acrylic paint color. As the paint and the glue or crackle medium dry together, the base color starts to show through. Wait at least 12 hours for the paint and the glue or medium to dry.

I want to share some additional holiday cheer with you from Restoration Hardware.

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