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Spring Front Entry


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Spring Front Entry

Your front entrance steps are the beginning to your home. These are what you come up on everyday, your children come up on everyday and visitors often frequent here often. Here, it doesn't matter what the indoors looks like. Here is where you express what the indoors will look like upon entering.

I've gone with a Pink Theme here.

To make a gorgeous front entry, there's all sorts of things that you can do and have probably done in the past. But this year I'd like to point out a few additional things you can do to not only add comfort and a welcoming feel, but also to allow this area to be very functional for you.

So what's the weather like in the spring? Lot's of rain! We often go out with our rain coats on and some sort of water proof shoes. Our umbrellas in hand, especially when it down pours. This is perfect when you're headed out, your totally in style for going to work and doing your errands. But what about when you come back home?

I'll admit that it's not a very good feeling walking into my home with a soggy wet coat on and boots or shoes totally wet as well. And what about the umbrella that's soggy wet as well. Now your home has a puddle of water on the floor.

Illuminating this problem is quite easy with just a few things.

Now this is no lie. I had found a beautiful metal toilet brush holder one day while I was thrift shopping and purchased it not knowing what I would do with it. Then one day when I was in the middle of painting a bunch of things, I saw it and decided to paint it as well. Just like everything else I touch, this got distressed as well. Now this only cost me $2.00. I sold it has an umbrella holder for $30.00.

So my case in point here is that you can purchase a very inexpensive metal toilet brush holder to use as an umbrella stand

If it's shiny chrome, you can either paint it, or go over it with a piece of steel wool to burnish and age it Perfect for your front entry..

Something else that is very beneficial during this rainy month is a standing coat rack. I'd suggest a metal one only because it's out in the elements and come May, you can bring it indoors next to your front door.

You have your front entry rug, but how about another one to place your shoes on. This could lay besides either your coat rack or umbrella holder.

These are absolutely the perfect things to have to start your spring off on the right "foot."

Now let's beautify your front porch. Having a gorgeous wreath on your front door is a must. Starting a few planters is another must.

Now I'm not a huge wreath kind of person, but I do love this one for spring.


  • 10 bunches of cream, salmon, pink and red silk mini tulips
  • 14" foam wreath
  • 1 1/2" ribbon
  • metal loop to hang (key loops are perfect)
  • hot glue

Step 1. Snip the large stems from each bush. Each bush has 8 stems with 2-3 blooms on each stem. Using wire cutters, cut a each stem a few inches away from the base of the bush. Move all the leaves and greenery up to the base of the blooms. I like the leaves, but you don't want them, you can take them off by slipping them off the cut end.

Step 2. Secure the ribbon to the wreath. You can use either hot glue or floral pins to attach the ribbon. I like to work with the ribbon coming up in the center and then back around to the outer edge. I start on the left side of the wreath, but maybe that's because I'm a righty? haha

Step 3. Start wrapping the ribbon and tucking the tulips in as you go. Typically, I put two stems in each row of ribbon, and try to alternate so they fill the space nicely. Pull the ribbon nice and tight!

Step 4. Continue wrapping and tucking around the wreath. Tuck them in securely, and near where the greenery connects to the stem, so they stay put. Your ribbon will overlap quite a bit towards the center of the wreath, and should barely overlap on the outer edge. This is important to be consistent with, otherwise you may wrap the ribbon too closely and you’ll run out of ribbon or flowers or both!

Step 5. Finish off the wreath by wiggling your last few stems into the first few stems. It gets a little tricky to fit the tulips in, but just do your best to cover all the foam, and get enough tulips in to fill the space. If you need to hot glue a few in, I won’t tell.

Step 6. Secure the ribbon and add a loop for hanging. When you place your last tulip in it's spot, secure the ribbon to the wreath with hot glue or floral pins. Then slip in a loop and fold the ribbon over the loop and secure it to the wreath.

Some more inspiration for you.

And come into your home leaving the puddles behind!

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