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Spring Wreaths Galore


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Spring Wreaths Galore

Are you a type of person like me that likes to have multiple things for the same holiday, season, or occassion? I'm a bit obsessed with this. I say I'm obsessed only because I'm constantly changing things around my home. Keeps things interesting.

I thought that wreaths would be a great piece of decor to do this with.

Sponsored by one of my friends Lauren at Blesser House -


1. I started with the lamb’s ear first by snipping them into individual stems and placing them evenly around the wreath frame. And then attached them with florist wire and tape.

2. Once the lamb’s ear was in place, I took apart the white berry bushes by snipping individual stems and attaching them with more wire and tape between the lamb’s ear stems on the wreath form.

3. Then, I placed the blush flowers where I wanted them, pulled the stems through the wire form and attached them with more wire on the backside of the wreath.

Easy and done in under an hour!

"This is actually the first wreath I’ve ever made totally from scratch, and I think I’m ready to make more because this one was WAY more fun than I thought it would be. I’m not exactly the crafty type (more of the furniture painting / home improving type), but I can get on board with this new little hobby."

Umbrella Decor

This has got to be the easiest thing to do EVER and look how beautiful it is. All you need is an umbrella and tulips - real or artificial. You'll want to make this with the umbrella laying down.

If your using real tulips, snip the ends off - place a few into a sandwich bag - fill with some water and tie off with an elastic. Now place your bag of tulips inside the umbrella. Do the same thing with the rest of your tulips.

If your using artificial tulips, just place the bushel of them into the umbrella, on on each side.

Now tie off in the middle of the tulips with a piece of ribbon to hold them in place.

Simple Spring Wreath


  • Large embroidery hoop
  • Green Leaves that you like
  • Bushel of Peonies
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Wire

This is very simple.

This is how this tutorial was written in wiring the greenery and flowers.

I however like a clean finished back as well as the front.

Step 1. Cut apart your greenery and peonies. Your peonies will only have a 1" stem left to them.

Step 2. First we'll hot glue on the greenery. We're working with an embroidery hoop so there's the inside and then the front and back lip. We're going to be gluing to the inside of it. Run a bead of hot glue to the inside of the hoop and place a few stems of greenery over it. Hold in place till it dries. Continue doing this for all of your greenery.

Step 3. Cut a fairly long piece of wire and wrap around your little bundle of stems once through the hoop - criss cross the wire really tight - then bring it through the hoop again and criss cross tying off really good. Now snip the wires and tuck them in.

Step 4. Place some hot glue to the back of your peonies flower and tuck it in between the greenery in the middle. Do the same thing with your remaining peonies, gluing them close together rather than spreading them out. It looks better when the florals are in a cluster.

White Frame Wreath

How gorgeous is this wreath. I love the white grapevine. This is made exactly like the one we just made above - Simple Spring Wreath. You can look for the white grapevine wreath at your local craft store, or on Amazon. However if you can't find one, then buy a grapevine wreath and paint it white and distress it a bit.

Helpful Notes when Making Wreaths

Whenever your wiring your flowers or greenery onto the wreath form, use the in and out method and tie off neatly.

Sometimes it's easier to hot glue your greenery and flowers onto your frame first to hold them in place. However any time your using hot glue, apply it so it's not real visible.

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