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Stay Organized With Bullet Journaling


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Stay Organized With Bullet Journaling

I create journals each year and hold onto them. My journals go back to 2003. In my journals, I keep all my business and daily life notes etc in one convenient notebook.

My current journal holds my monthly blogging schedule and daily schedule, ideas for blog post ( pages and pages of that), daily reminders, wise words, a list of my Pinterest boards, shopping lists, note to write, and so so much more.

You may be asking how do I know where everything is in my notebook? Well, that’s where the amazing gem of bullet journaling comes in. Create one easily with bullets like shown below.

Before you begin writing down anything, create a table of contents at the beginning of your journal. Then before writing down anything, number your first page, create your heading and copy this into the table of contents. When I’m looking for ideas for a blog post I can go to the table of contents.

Doing this one little thing changed the success of my day! Now I can find everything I need to do or things I want to keep.

And it feels so good to check things off my list.

Bullet Journaling is a huge craze. And some people make their journal a work of art. But if your life is like mine, you probably don’t have time to doodle.

I keep my bullet journal very, very simple.

Why take notes and bullet journal? Did you know that if you hear something you will probably only remember 10% of it? But if you listen, write, read and repeat it you can retain up to 90%?

Now, find a notebook that works for you and get started!

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