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The Best French Country

Decorating Tip You Will Ever Get


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The Best French Country

Decorating Tip You Will Ever Get

This is for all of my sweet followers who love French Country. I've used this decorating tip throughout most of my adult life and will continue to use it.

This very simple decorating tip is one that should be used more by decorators and is one that is often minimalized, much to my dismay. This tip is going to give you the most beautiful rooms that are successfully decorated.


I'm not sure how decorators are able to pull off designing beautiful rooms without doing this. Doing this will happen over time because it's not something that you should rush in putting together. Doing this is going to give you an overall picture of the space. You'll see the whole picture before buying or doing anything.

If you find a piece that you love and have a wall in mind as to where you'd like to place it, but discover after a couple measurements that it's not going to work - you then would simply find another piece that will work.

Creating an Idea Board can also be referred to as Creative Daydreaming.

To begin creating Idea Boards, begin looking on Pinterest for photos of things that inspire you. You can use a program called PicMonkey for grouping your photos together in the way that they'll be used in the room your working on.

One thing that you absolutely don't want to do is "putting the horse before the cart." Just diving in to your room project could spell out disaster very early in the process because your acting on impulse rather than well thought out decisions.

Carving out time to have Creative Daydreaming will allow space in between our thoughts. You can work on it for a little while one day, then come back to it the next day. Sitting and looking at it when you have a few moments. Your creating the room of your dreams.


Go into the room that you'll be working on and sit on the floor without any interruptions or distractions. Just sit there and look around the room. Take in the shape of the room, where the doors are and where the windows are. What is in the room that you really don't like, as well as the things that you love. Make short notes to yourself while doing this. Also make a note as to how the traffic flows in the space.

This is something that we normally don't do. We usually just walk into the room and do what it's intended for without giving any thought as to how we actually feel about it. We get use to them and often don't even notice if we're unhappy with them.


  • size of room
  • shape of room
  • windows- how many, where, shape
  • doors- how many, where, shape
  • traffic patterns
  • items that work and you will keep in the room
  • what has to go
  • types of furniture you need in a room
  • lighting needs (ambient, accent and task lighting) where, what type
  • color scheme
  • accessories needed (pillows, throws, rugs, trays, baskets, etc)

Start a bullet journal where you can keep all the things you want to jot down in one place. Take a look at my blog on Starting a Bullet Journal.

Creative Daydreaming and creating an Inspiration Board is going to take you time. It's not something that should be rushed, no matter how anxious you are to get started.


  • color and the way the colors you chose are affected by the light in the room…
  • styles, “feel”, tone, mood
  • furniture, what kind you want and need, what finishes, what style, what size, new or will you keep what you have…
  • where to put furniture, editing the furniture in a room, adding furniture to a room
  • what kind of window covering would work in a specific room, shades, blinds or shutters
  •  fabrics, what kind, colors, textures 
  • changes you need to make, things you want to keep exactly like they are
  • little details, big details
  • wallcovering, paint, trim
  • lighting, chandy, table lamps, floor lights, ceiling lights, light switches, outlets
  • art, mirrors, 
  • inspiration for the changes you will be making
  • vignettes, tabletops, 
  • carpet, hardwoods, rugs
  • there are a lot more questions to ask yourself during CREATIVE DAYDREAMING!

Remember, you're creating your dream room. You need to write all of your thoughts down in your bullet journal and use tons of photos to depict your dreams.


  • budget
  • how long a project will take
  • worry about how you will get it all done
  • anything negative

When you actually start the process of redecorating your space, you'll have time to be more money conscious. You'll also have a much better understanding as to how long the project will take and how you'll complete it.

Begin narrowing down all of the gorgeous photos you've gathered, the notes you've taken and now create a concrete "sound board" to build off of.

Make a plan. Plan out every detail and every step. Create a checklist to keep you organized throughout the process. Leave a little room for changes.

Now you'll be kicking your project into high gear on a high like no other. Your going to be anxious to paint the room, anxious to buy new furniture and decor. Your going to have that giddy feeling as you go through each task that you've planned.


Please - make sure you carry your inspirations and ideas and plans out in action! Don’t let all those beautiful decor ideas languish!

You now have the formula in decorating each room of your home - one project at a time.


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