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If you've never stepped into a thrift store - you have no idea on what your missing out on. The possibilities are endless. Rather than buying $100.00 for that pair of jeans, why not buy last years style and pay $5.00.

Think of it this way. Say you travel to a different country and decide to go shopping. The store is going to look entirely different from what your use to, and the merchandise will be the same - totally different. This is how it feels when thrifting.

I could write an article for every day of the year talking about thrifting because there's so much to say, but I don't want to overwhelm you.

So let's start small. When you walk in, your going to be bombarded by lot's of things around you and it might feel a little overwhelming. So just grab a cart and start walking - in any direction (because you've never been before).

Clothing is a huge area where you can save a ton of money. If your into name brands, there's plenty to be found - trust me because I buy them. Clothing is everything from jeans and t-shirts, to fur coats and pj's. Don't forget, you can wash all of these things once you get home.

The lamp aisle is another area with huge savings. What's a beautiful lamp cost these days? Maybe $80.00 plus dollars. Well you can snag a few up for $3.00 each. The lamps in the photo above came from a thrift store and were painted to give them a new life.

The bedding isles, I love shopping these isles because I love vintage sheets. Now thrift stores turn over a huge volume of merchandise every day, so finding things like these are something that you'll find if you go often.

All of the home decor isles. Now these can be very intimidating, especially if you have a hard time "thinking outside the box". Maybe a good idea would be to search for thrift store things on Pinterest. There's thousands of articles people have written with what they've done with their thrift store finds.

REMEMBER - anything can be cleaned or washed.

Your recycling and saving yourself a ton of money. Your giving a new life to something unwanted. You've created a new habit for yourself that's healthy.

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