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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

We'll talk about choosing the perfect color for your walls, building inspiration and choosing the perfect trim color.

It's all about being inspired!

When it comes to doing anything to your home, it all comes back to what inspired you to make those decisions. Inspiration is the key in finding the perfect things for our homes. Why?

Because often you can see not only the color you're thinking about, but what it's with in your inspiration photos.

Here the paint color is a lighter shade of grey. All the furniture is white. The floor is a medium grey wood color. The light fixture is bronze.

You can actually create a small vignette with the colors your finding to inspire you. Using the same inspiration in the photo above, light grey paint, crisp white paint for the furniture, a block of wood painted white and distressed, sample of wood floor, bronze knob.

Putting together an inspiration board on Pinterest is very easy to collect your thoughts.

The reason why creating inspiration is so important is because it's going to give you a painted picture of what your room is going to closely resemble. So when you make the decision with your paint color, you know exactly how it's going to look with the furnishings and decor.

Here are 3 Super Simple Things To Do

ONE - Think in terms of color palettes. Do you feel most comfortable with soft, pale serene colors? Do you like bold, vivid colors? Maybe you’re a minimalist and loves the look of clean white. Or maybe you love the idea of creating rich, sophisticated deep hues. Or a combination of dark and light.

TWO - Walk through your home. What style is it? Is the home old or new? What style are you drawn to in terms of furnishings? If you really allow it, I find that rooms often tell us what color they want to be.

THREE - Once you've answered 1 and 2, you should pretty much know what colors you'll be looking at in the paint store.

Color Undertones

Undertones are very important when it comes to choosing paint colors. Every paint chip starts with the darkest color that is then altered by adding other colors to it. This is what creates the undertones of a particular color. The best way to see undertones is to hold the paint chip against something pure white, then you'll see like shown above - if the color has yellow, red, blue or green in it.

Lighting Changes the Paint Color

This is another very good reason to not run out to buy paint. You need to see how the color you've chosen is going to look at various times of the day and with the type of artificial lighting you use. These things can possibly change your thoughts on the paint color.

Natural sunlight will allow you to see the purest of the color you've chosen. Watch how this changes as it gets darker in the day.

If you use table lamps with regular light bulbs, this is called incandescent lighting and will give a yellow hue against the paint color.

However if you use fluorescent bulbs, the color that's omitted is blue.

Once you've chosen your paint color, pick up several paint chips to tape together and hang on the walls.

Selecting a Trim Color

Whites can vary a great deal like seen here.

White Dove OC-17 - a touch brighter with a very slight pink undertone

Cloud White 967- white with a touch of cream and a touch of gray without being dirty.

Simply White OC-117 - a very clean white

Cotton Balls OC-122 - a creamy white with a touch of yellow

Linen White 912 - this is a good choice if your using deeper colors on your wall.

Now your ready for the paint store. Happy shopping and don't forget - you can do this!

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