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Using French Country

Antique Silver in Spring


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Using French Country

Antique Silver in Spring

Do you love antique silver as much as I do? This is a time to get your thrifting on because this is the only way you'll find them. By them, I'm talking about antique silverware and containers.

Just envision decorating your dining area with antique silverware baring a gorgeous patina placed on linen or antique cloth napkins. I say decorating with because I don't know if your comfortable eating with it.

So your table set all the time with your favorite dinner plates, antique silverware and gorgeous linen cloth napkins. How divine would this be to walk into everyday? And your all set for dinner at night. Just wrap the antique silverware in the linen napkins and place to the side, then bring out your silverware.

In addition to this gorgeous silverware, place an antique silver container or vase in the center of your table filled with your favorite spring flowers - tulips, cherry blossoms, lilacs.

Using gorgeous antique silver vases and containers throughout your home filled with your favorite spring flowers is another devine addition this time of year.

While your shopping and coming across gorgeous antique silver pieces, think outside the box for vases and containers like the pitcher seen here.

Gravy bowls are wonderful to place flowers in, just cut down the stems.

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