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Today we're talking about bringing organic features into your home.

From 2019 Design Forecast: What's In and What's Out

Organic maker accents

Handmade details can immediately soften an interior. This year you’ll see rhythmic patterns and imperfect lines incorporated through hand-painting, stitching and detailing, expanding the possibilities for endless mixing and matching in the home. Additionally, fabrics and accents with strands of crystal, wooden and pearlescent beads present a sophisticated flair for artful detail.

Home decor favorites will still include earthy elements and nubby textures. Think neutral naturals by simply adding a wooden side table and sculpture, live and fake plants for color, and natural fibers through rugs and fabrics.

What’s out Rustic

Is America finally over the “Fixer Upper” movement? Not quite, but the rustic, farmhouse-chic elements are getting refined.

The shiplap-crazy trend seems to be leaning toward a modern twist, simplifying layers of the look. Cutesy barn doors will take a backseat to more modern versions featuring glass and metal instead of reclaimed barn wood.

The signature statement range hood covered in rustic materials will swing to simplified finishes, like brushed brass, stainless and matte black. Lastly, the harsh light of the Edison bulb will move to a more complementary glow, reflecting concealed bulbs versus exposed ones.

Luckily I love organic materials seen in wicker, jute, twine, wood baskets, seagrass carpets, wood in all sorts of things like side tables, lamps, ceiling light fixtures. I love it all.

Your biggest challenge in making this is finding antique crates. I would suggest looking on Craigslist before you go antique shopping.

Shared by Craftberry Bush

This is what I meant by a wood basket - which is actually called a Tobacco Basket. Isn't this gorgeous? We're going to make one of our own.

I just love these photos of baskets being made. I suppose having this type of space would make it a little easier.

Shared by Celebrate Creativity

How gorgeous is this basket? This is what's referred to as a Beach Basket because of it's size, but I can think of many other things to use if for - what about you? I'm anxious to see how this was made.

Shared by Martha Stewart backto=true&backtourl=/photogallery/braided-crafts

This is a wonderful tutorial from our old time friend Martha Stewart. I absolutely love this rug.

Shared by Apartment Therapy

Now I realize this is just a piece of rope, but how gorgeous is it to hang a mirror from? Let's see how she did this.

Shared by Sand and Sisal

I love these lamp shades and plan on making some for my store. As you can imagine, I was very excited when I saw this.

Shared by Design Sponge

omg - would you look at this gorgeous light. I love this and it's fairly easy to make.

Shared by Tara Dennis

Now this is a placemat which you could certainly make, but why not do the same thing with thicker rope to make a gorgeous rug.

Shared from Remodelaholic

Another omg. How beautiful is this. So unique. Let's see how easy this is to make...

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